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    Have you ever fallen in love with a provider?

    I've heard a few times on this board saying Green card is the best option to have long-time relationship with them.
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    Review: Garfield Latina Fish Market

    Never nutted on smelly V. I can't.
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    Review: Mônica 202/206 Spa

    How's her rear?
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    Anyone see her?

    You will see warning from Coinbase saying you don't purchase Bitcoin to give someone. It sounded like you purchase it only for investment. Maybe I'm wrong though.
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    Review: Dover Acupressure - New girl, Jenny

    I was fine. Gave them 10min notice and was heard Ok. BTW had a really great time with Jenny. Might write a review.
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    Review: 202/206 Eva

    Flat stomach? Curvy waist?
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    Review: China acupressure—-you won’t believe this

    Most of the girls must run away in a panic. .
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    Best international places for sex tourism

    I heard you can smoke weed as much you want in Bangkok, Thailand. Smoke before and after boom boom.
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    Review: Moonlight Spa - Lucy

    Confused. Waiting OP's clarification.
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    OWC overbook

    Terrible management. First come first serve is a poor approach when manages a massage palor.
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    Y&L Beauty Spa - Jersey City

    2 different spots using the same number? Weird.
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    Review: T&S spa - Blu

    No Standing shower too. Only hot towels.
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    Review: T&S spa - Blu

    Tina could give you an excellent time if you could find a way how to deal with her cigarette odors.
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    Review: GDS lucky

    Bad experience in GDS isn't usual. Waiting for your review. TIA
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    Review: Dover Accu - Sky

    Saw her last night. Some curves. Decent ass. A small & cute milf.
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    Review: Dover Accu - Sky

    How's her derriere? Big, normal or flat?
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    Review: Fun at Bliss Spa

    Great review. All natural?
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    Review: Cheng Chung massage with Lily

    How to pronounce Cheng Chung? No clue. lol
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    Nikki Westville

    I'm curious to hear this.
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    Review: Indy-Julia

    Seems like she left CNJ. No response for 2 days.