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    Review: SKS Sophia

    Title: Review: SKS Sophia Date: Nov 16, 2023 Phone: 408-713-4508 City: San Jose State: CA Location: Southbay House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 280 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Cute GND face, slim almost athletic body with MM C-cups Private Details: Texted PO...
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    Review: SKS - Joah

    Title: Review: SKS - Joah Date: Sep 12, 2023 Phone: 4087134508 City: San Jose State: CA Location: Nice apartment House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 280 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: Early 20s Physical Description: Joah has a lean and toned body and nice decent C's Private Details: I...
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    Review: LSC Della

    Title: Review: LSC Della Date: Jun 21, 2023 Phone: 6692158268 City: San Jose State: CA Location: North Age Estimate: 29 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short spinner, Slender, with MM boobs. Private Details: Face: 7/10, GND, natural beauty Body: 7/10, Short spinner, Slender...
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    Review: SKS Joah

    I liked Joah but I read she was seeing regulars only?
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    Review: escorttenproclub

    great review.. she is a milf, might need to add to her to my TDL.
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    Review: Sunny DD

    interested in this location..did you initiate or did she stick with her routine?
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    Review: Mia and Hayun Doubles

    Title: Review: Mia and Hayun Doubles Date: May 15, 2023 Phone: 16697581117 City: Milpitas State: CA Location: South Bay Age Estimate: 28 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Fun and sexy perfect duo Private Details: I rushed to the appointment but thought I had arrived at the wrong...
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    Review: LKS - Jennie and Dana double

    sheesh.whats the damage my man?
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    Review: Ravi from Top K-Girls

    Title: Review: Ravi from Top K-Girls Date: Jun 8, 2022 Phone: 408 - 649 - 0198 City: SJ State: CA Location: Nice Apartment Age Estimate: 30s Physical Description: Pretty face, slim but not toned Private Details: Based on few reviews I booked Ravi for the 1st time. PO was easy to...
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    Review: jamieDD klovers

    what's the damage?
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    Review: LKS

    :eek: 2 hrs, my man! are they roommates?
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    Review: SA Tiana

    Title: Review: SA Tiana Date: Oct 11, 2021 Phone: (669)-306-1342 City: San Jose State: California Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Cute, Tanned, full body Private Details: Visited Tiana early afternoon and she seemed tired and lacked energy. We greeted at the...
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    Review: SA Tiana

    I actually had a great time with Tiana- she is very down to earth and more on the mellow side.
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    Review: Jennie and Lucy Double at loveksweetie

    would love to see them both but that is higher than average, not sure if there's other doubles available at the moment either.
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    Review: Tina LSC

    Title: Review: Tina LSC Date: Aug 20, 2021 Phone: 669) 215-8268 City: San Jose State: CA Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5’1 ish GND Private Details: My visit for Tina was long overdue. Walked in and was greeted with LFK. She is GND but not top tier imho. She...
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    BGC verification

    They've been unresponsive with me for some time now.. but usually 2 references from orgs. good luck on getting verified.
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    Review: GFEI - Gia

    considering that rates have gone up, is she worth the visit?
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    411 KL Ferrari

    I'd like to ride in Ferrari
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    LAIA returns to BGC

    I wanted to be the first to say that Laia's photo is back at BGC and wondering if anyone have paid a visit. She was in the southbay about a year ago and she was a true service queen, but not sure if appearance/service have changed.
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    Review: Taylor at EBK

    is the msog discussed with PO beforehand? also hows her appearance compared to photos?