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  1. Rodstiffington

    Review: Sophia - Angel Spa

    Title: Review: Sophia - Angel Spa Date: Feb 20, 2024 Phone: 707-791-3940 City: Santa Rosa State: CA Location: Piner House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + 140 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30-32 Physical Description: busty Chinese beauty with D’s, fat ass, and a cute GND face. A...
  2. Rodstiffington

    Review: Healing Hands - Haida

    It’s her boss/landlord, but I agree, I don’t like seeing dudes at any AMP.
  3. Rodstiffington

    Review: Healing Hands - Haida

    That sucks, but it can happen. I would have still got the HE. Always enjoy my time with her and she’s worth checking out.
  4. Rodstiffington

    Review: New Star - Maya

    [removed private details content]
  5. Rodstiffington

    Review: New Star - Maya

    Yea, maybe a YMMV situation or she was in a bad mood, I’ll look for some future reviews
  6. Rodstiffington

    Review: New Star - Maya

    [removed private details content]
  7. Rodstiffington

    Review: Infinity Spa Tiffany

    Those babies are real! and it’s nice to see another monger guess the age range correctly. Her body would make you think she is late 20s, but her face made me believe that she’s probably late 30s. I had a very similar experience to yours, and also hope they she stays at Infinity until she heads...
  8. Rodstiffington

    Review: Annie AZN

    I miss Minnie the most
  9. Rodstiffington

    Review: Infinity Spa - Tiffany

    She’s incredible
  10. Rodstiffington

    Review: Infinity - Tiffany

    No RJ for me, and I went back and read the last 5-6 reviews of her and it seems like other mongers didn’t get one either. I’m fine with no RJ tho, it doesn’t give me much pleasure tbh, and I feel bad for the girl even though I am squeaky clean from the TS.
  11. Rodstiffington

    Review: Jenny-Thai Philly

    Yea, not sure why they dropped 2.20. If you don’t want to kiss, and don’t mind a CBJ, this place is still a good deal at the normal 1.60 rate. Personally, I would rather drop the 2-2.20 at NS, Paradise, or Infinity.
  12. Rodstiffington

    Review: Tiffany at Infinity!

    Title: Review: Tiffany at Infinity! Date: Feb 11, 2024 Phone: 267-724-6707 City: Philly State: PA Location: 12th and Buttonwood House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 2.20 Nationality: Korean Age Estimate: 36-42 Physical Description: cute Korean face, lovely small C or large B natural breasts...
  13. Rodstiffington

    Review: Haida-South Street

    She fine for a HE with some roaming. Massage isn’t the best since she’s so small
  14. Rodstiffington

    Review: Penny - Sun Spa

    also haven't seen her in quite some time, but she's great
  15. Rodstiffington

    Review: Haida-South Street

    she is actually 50 years old
  16. Rodstiffington

    Any top tier Santa Rosa amp recs?

    Nice, I saw Susan over a year ago, and had a blast. Hopefully she will be there later this month,
  17. Rodstiffington

    Review: Jenny - Thai Philly Spa

    Yea, I’ve only been here a couple times. I think I paid $2 each time. The place is fine when you are in the area, and in the mood for Thai, but i would much rather pay 2.20 and get the services at the above 3 parlors
  18. Rodstiffington

    Review: Mekar Spa

    I just hope this “review” doesn’t get approved. No name, no details….useless
  19. Rodstiffington

    Review: Jenny - Thai Philly Spa

    You can pay $160 here which is worth it for a covered session. Not sure why this monger paid $220 which is the going rate for the better spas….infinity, paradise, and new star