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  1. K

    Review: LKS-Seoyeon

    great review! Her ad lists her as 5'3"...i'd be very tempted if she's as you say at 5'! Was her top natural or MM?
  2. K

    Review: Garden City - Anna

    Title: Review: Garden City - Anna Date: Nov 23, 2023 Phone: (808) 888-7359 City: Honolulu State: HI Location: near Walmart House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $60 house fee + 60 tip Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: mid 40's Physical Description: about 5'4"ish, average-looking Asian...
  3. K

    Top Spinners / Small Girls

    Cora's does look amazing. There were enough reviews mentioning GPS so that's why she didn't make my iniital list. For me Service, Attitude > Face, Body
  4. K

    Review: Lemon Scent - Bella

    In town, near Walmart. If you make an appt, the PO will give you instructions. Happy mongering!
  5. K

    Top Spinners / Small Girls

    Forgot to add - if there's such thing as a squirting spinner, pls let me know. Haven't had that experience yet. Yuffie squirts, but I think I should've tried her maybe 5yrs ago.
  6. K

    Top Spinners / Small Girls

    I had to relocate out of NorCal to take care of family, but I return every so often. I’ll be visiting end of Nov/early Dec for about 1 week. Goal is to have some fun with providers that are spinner-ific (ideally 5’2” and under) passionate DFK, but I don't enjoy being throat-raped by a hentai...
  7. K

    Viet Coffee Visit

    awesome! What time is Happy Hour?
  8. K

    Review: Bella at K & Q Skin Care

    The review seems to describe CBJ + CFS
  9. K

    Review: MsDianas - Milk

    Appreciate the review! How would you rate her attitude? I've found some C-girls to be on the mechanical side, esp the younger and attractive ones. There's an unfortunate inverse relation between attractiveness and service :censored:
  10. K

    Luckys: question

    TJ's and Berkeley Bowl!
  11. K

    Why the sudden surge of J-girls?

    Adding to this - I'm in Hawaii and there's also a slight increase in providers from Japan. Some of them offer an upcharge for video recording as well. But from what I read in the forums (usasexguide dot nl), it's because the USD is stronger so it's better money for the providers in the States.
  12. K

    Review: LSC - Izzy

    Awesome review! Curious which girls you find that were more "proactive"as that's what I'm looking for too
  13. K

    Review: Lemon Scent - Bella

    Title: Review: Lemon Scent - Bella Date: Sep 20, 2023 Phone: 808-628-0569 City: Honolulu State: HI Location: not far from old location House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $60 house fee + 160 donation Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: Upper 30’s, lower 40’s Physical Description: Happy...
  14. K

    Review: Qinzhi

  15. K

    Review: Qinzhi

    Great review. How much did they charge?
  16. K

    Review: Qinzhi

    Great review. How much did they charge?
  17. K

    Review: Katie aka Lulu

    Title: Review: Katie aka Lulu Date: Jul 14, 2023 Phone: (949) 259-5756‬ City: Honolulu State: HI Location: Ala Moana/Waikiki House Fee and Tip (if applicable) $300 45min, $400 60min Age Estimate: upper 20's, lower 30's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: young (upper 20's, low...
  18. K

    Review: Independent - Nana

    Title: Review: Independent - Nana Date: Jun 30, 2023 Phone: 808-376-9605 City: Honolulu State: HI Location: Ala Moana House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 200 Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: about 5'6", average-thin, fit. F-7 A-7 S-8 B-8 I was expecting more...
  19. K

    Decoder ring for a newbie?

    Just relocated from the Bay Area where a lot of the providers serviced through AAMPs. In the state I'm in now, there are very few AAMPs and most of the providers work thru AMPs. My point is that it may depend on the locale. Seems like 5-0 turns a blind eye to the AMPS here. FWIW, I prefer AAMPs...
  20. K

    411 on Crystal @msSweetDiana

    Who are the other recommend and younger providers per this Asian hobbyist board? Asian but illiterate