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    Review: China Accupressure- Tiffany

    I never go two with her. I should try.
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    Review: Magic mouth, Desiree in Pennsauken, NJ

    The review said thin...other reviews she was described as thicker?? Which one is it?
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    Review: China Acupressure - Tiffany

    She is awesome!
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    Review: Oriental Spa Turnersville

    Thank brother.
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    EPM v. AZN

    Neighborhood is fine. Your not in Camden or Compton. I would be more worried about AC. I live in the burbs in a nice well mannered town out of a home living magazine. I don't assume that every place that doesn't look like my hometown is sketchy because it doesn't look pretty. Stick to your flesh...
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    Review: Oriental Spa Turnersville

    Thought this place was legit. Wow. Good to know. They all want to be legit but they know the money is only in the HE to make it.
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    Review: CiCi Stress Relief

    I am not sure. That's all I saw when I stopped by.
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    Review: CiCi Stress Relief

    She is the MMS but longer provides.
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    Review: CiCi Stress Relief

    Went back today. Had a better performance this go around. She was great!
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    Review: Angeline by Airport

    So is she 6 or 2?
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    Review: CiCi Stress Relief

    Title: Review: CiCi Stress Relief Date: Aug 10, 2022 Phone: Google City: Williamstown State: NJ Location: Blackhorse Pike Age Estimate: 40's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Nice Rack, Nice Legs and Very Small Pouch Private Details: Heading back from work I stopped in with out...
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    DDD Current Lineup

    Lol. 20 years younger puts her at 50! LMAO. I just don't know why they can't or won't get younger providers. I know they give good service most of the time but you can tell time is taking a toll.
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    Review: Body relax - Wei Wei

    When I go I will be sure to leave one.
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    Review: Body relax - Wei Wei

    I know he gave the age. Then telling me she is young again is redundant. Yeah, there maybe other reviews on here but this was the one I read. It is what it is. She is on my list. Is she better than Tiffany at China AC in Burlington?
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    Review: New Rainbow - Sonia

    She should be thank her reviews for getting her business. If you didn't see hee review then you would never see her. What did she lecture you about?
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    Review: Body relax - Wei Wei

    Hey man. Thanks for the review but this really tells us nothing. No description of what she offered. Young means nothing in the review because you have to give a age estimate anyway. Thin is very generic. If you are going to write that much at least make it count for something.
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    Review: Fawn

    Love this site!
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    Review: Fawn

    Answered my question. Lol
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    Review: Fawn

    PM me the damage. Is her screening hard?
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    Review: LKP Nari

    What is the link to the website? I tried to find it as well. Thanks.