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  1. Massages4Tony

    Review: Sasy Olivia

    Or agreed, flipped her and then slipped into her ass - and tell her your eyesight is bad as well.
  2. Massages4Tony

    Review: S&L Spa: Cindy

    Title: Review: S&L Spa: Cindy Date: Aug 24, 2023 Phone: 3122651755 City: Chicago State: IL Location: S. Michigan Ave House Fee & Tip (if applicable) $80 House Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 30’s Physical Description: Pretty, B-Cup, nice figure, black hair with a great smile...
  3. Massages4Tony

    Review: Remember Ruby Spa

    Wait, this review was done on July 25, 2023, for a visit on March 31, 2017??? Is this an error?
  4. Massages4Tony

    Review: Evergreen - Becky

    And how do we fact check? LOL
  5. Massages4Tony

    Review: Relax Spa

    Before all of he messages start, I know the tip / hf up top do not add up to my total at thee bottom. My bad, the total at the bottoms is what I left.
  6. Massages4Tony

    Review: Relax Spa

    Title: Review: Relax Spa Date: Jun 2, 2023 Phone: (856) 787-0388 City: Maple Shade State: NJ Location: Acme shopping center House Fee and Tip (if applicable): 75 and 100 Age Estimate: 50’s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short MILF with small top, wearing mask Private...
  7. Massages4Tony

    Review: Golden Apple - Suzi

    Hey, I was in the area and thought I would help my fellow mongers. Sorry dude.
  8. Massages4Tony

    Review: Golden Apple - Suzi

    Closed - store front for lease.
  9. Massages4Tony

    Review: Cathy @ Erma

    Title: Review: Cathy @ Erma Date: May 15, 2023 Phone: 858-2624895 City: San Diego State: CA Location: Medical Office Building in Mira Mesa Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Nice body and beautiful face Private Details: Traveling in San Diego, and after reading...
  10. Massages4Tony

    Review: thainiya massage spa

    Since I’m not in the area any longer, it wasn’t relevant to do so. I could be a regular for her 4 times a year?
  11. Massages4Tony

    Review: Thainiya - Cindi

    Yeah, Bico standing there with an erection like a toll gate boom???
  12. Massages4Tony

    Review: Thainiya - Cindi

    Enjoy guys, I won’t be back in the area for a few months.
  13. Massages4Tony

    Review: Thainiya - Cindi

    Title: Review: Thainiya - Cindi Date: Mar 5, 2023 Phone: 267-263-4078 City: Montgomeryville State: PA Location: Route 309 Age Estimate: 24 Nationality: Thai Physical Description: Cute, small top, nice bottom Private Details: First note that there are two Thainiya massage places on 309...
  14. Massages4Tony

    Review: thainiya massage spa

    Just visited for a “strictly therapeutic” massage. Will post shortly.
  15. Massages4Tony

    Review: DaDaDa - Cici

    It’s sad, this has been built into such a great establishment at one time… I have a feeling that they’re not gonna last very long, especially with whatever is going in next to them it really puts them out in the open for the type of place they used to be.
  16. Massages4Tony

    Review: DaDaDa - Cici

    Title: Review: DaDaDa - Cici Date: Mar 3, 2023 Phone: 856-956-3588 City: Glassboro State: NJ Location: Near Wawa across (now open) plot Age Estimate: 40’s? Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute, nice top Private Details: Well, I was looking for Tina or June, but saw here they...
  17. Massages4Tony

    Review: Sophia’s - Xiao Xiao

    Title: Review: Sophia’s - Xiao Xiao Date: Mar 2, 2023 Phone: 215-824-6482 City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: Castor Ave Age Estimate: 55 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Small woman, nice chest Private Details: I visited Sophia’s, but Sophia was busy, so met with Xiao...
  18. Massages4Tony

    Huge Tits - Suk

    These pictures are never the actual girls - at least as far as I have encountered…
  19. Massages4Tony

    Review: Evergreen - The Angel, Nicole

    Title: Review: Evergreen - The Angel, Nicole Date: Aug 8, 2022 Phone: 215-822-8808 City: Hatfield State: Pa Location: Route 309 Age Estimate: Early 20’s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Tiny Spinner Private Details: Wow, traveling and stopped in here on a whim. It’s been over a...
  20. Massages4Tony

    Review: INI Art - JoJo

    Title: Review: INI Art - JoJo Date: Dec 29, 2021 Phone: 949-431-6876 City: Laguna Hills State: CA Location: Private office, no “Massage” sign. See ad listing Age Estimate: 36 Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: Beautiful, large chested, soft skinned, goddess Private Details...