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  1. J

    Attack Queens

    Definitely Zuri
  2. J

    Smallest hands...

    Just for clarification, I am looking for a massage location that allows HJ, just with a lady who has small hands. (Can be anywhere in the bay) Thank you, in advance
  3. J

    Smallest hands...

    Hello, I come to you the tofts and veterans of the industry to be bestowed with the knowledge of the sublime. I.E. I'm looking for the girls with the smallest hands in the bay. For a HJ session, as I would rather have a full session with an org. Since I never go to massage parlors as I would...
  4. J

    Late Night?

    Peach Cafe probably your best bet tbh
  5. J

    Feet and daty

    Try Rose, she has what you are looking for
  6. J

    Red alert! SA Yoojoo.

    Not going to lie, I don't know why but my most mediocre/perfunctory experience has been with SA Eventhough I know that girls are always rotating and moving to other orgs that have been at SA.
  7. J

    Pick 3 for me - LSC

    Rose, Mila, hera
  8. J

    List of urge to repeat.

    Joy at Lks when she comes back
  9. J

    Review: K-Seductress Sohee

    Thanks for the info
  10. J

    Prettiest p*ssy in the bay

    Lucy at Lks would be my vote
  11. J

    411 on Rooney VF

    Rooney was originally sweet angel Giselle. I saw her and pictures are 10+ years old, would stay away if you want service as there are better girls.
  12. J

    Chinese review site

    Great, just gotta learn chinese...
  13. J

    Review: LSC - Rose hidden gfe Gem

    Title: Review: LSC - Rose hidden gfe Gem Date: May 1, 2022 Phone: +16692158268 City: San jose State: California Location: Common Korean (CKA) Age Estimate: mid 20's Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Skinny, Smooth Clean white skin, A Cute Pretty Spinner Private...
  14. J

    Review: Davina-Ksed

    An 8+ is pretty high, what can you compare the rating too? Face and body wise
  15. J

    Ryu or Celine at SA

    Yup happened to me too. I have decided along with everyone else to boycott SA and no longer do business with them as they always lie about the pictures.
  16. J

    Best DFK?

    Joy had a very passionate gfe dfk, sadly she is still on vacation
  17. J

    How much does provider age really matter?

    Well in my perspective being in my mid twenties, I enjoy girls my age or younger, but have had great experiences with girls in their 30's+. Joy from lks is young and attractive so is Lucy and ella but the problem arises when someone's pics that look as young as Lucy or Joy, was taken 10+ year...
  18. J

    K girls with dyed hair

    Here is a girl I found Tbh I'm looking for a young girl with pink hair
  19. J

    Review: Kimmy @ LSC

    Kimmy was a rare service gem
  20. J

    KL offerings intel

    Quick question is Lily on any other org? don't really want to use my reference at KL