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  1. thekingofafk

    Word of Caution (Queens Woodhaven)

    If you were fucked they would've taken you in; you're fine take a breath and a moment to relax. So what if they had cameras installed, you did nothing wrong, if ANYTHING you did something many of us don't do enough "you followed your gut, you were patient, and you observed" If one other person...
  2. thekingofafk

    Big Booty Thick Asian's in NYC (Queens)

    man did i miss this thread I think this might be photoshopped but it's too good not to post
  3. thekingofafk

    Review: Flushing motel

    photos online where?
  4. thekingofafk

    Review: You You at 40th Road

    After reading this I showered twice and rinsed with listerine
  5. thekingofafk

    Anybody See Her Before?

    lol, I'm buying you a drink; I swear you're the only person on here that gets my replies
  6. thekingofafk

    Review: Cindy @ the infamous ABC on Main

    apologies, I was drinking at the Playboy Club when I wrote this let me reword: saw Cindy at ABC Spa, she greeted me accordingly as usual, kept her clothes on (as usual) started with the middle of the back went medium to hard, then she climbed up on those ceiling bars and did the infamous back...
  7. thekingofafk

    Review: Cindy @ the infamous ABC on Main

    Title: Review: Cindy @ the infamous ABC on Main Date: Oct 22, 2019 Phone: 917-621-0546 City: Flushing State: NY Location: Main St. Age Estimate: 50+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: This is the infamous skinny Cindy Private Details: Seen Cindy a few times, reviews are always...
  8. thekingofafk

    Review: April @ 37th

    FWIW I've been going back trying to find this chick and I believe she's gone, saw who i think is the infamous Wendy, she grabbed me like 3 times by the arm, but I have this rule about not going with a chick until i read up on her here, went to see her last night and nope........ not out. smh...
  9. thekingofafk

    Review: April @ 37th

    I could say my size on here but that serves no purpose, I'm just one of many that was underestimated until those clothes came off
  10. thekingofafk

    Review: Restoration Spa

    short, maybe around 5'2" kinda curvy for an Asian woman if so I saw her a few weeks ago at the front door of the now extinct nail section letting another girl out to catch the bus and was like wow
  11. thekingofafk

    biggest natural tits in Flushing?

    Marina was always on my to do list but the reviews on her elsewhere were more on the mechanical end from multiple sources her whole body is nice tbh, might still be worth the toftt
  12. thekingofafk

    Anybody See Her Before?

    I hate ads like those because 70 Yuan is $9.87 USD lol if that's her $70 USD is a still even if it's a SS did a google image search and those same pics showed up on a different website for the same chick (if that helps)
  13. thekingofafk

    Mature independent providers

    BettySNJ? and who is Phyllis from CI? lol what's her real name?
  14. thekingofafk

    Review: Danni @ Healing Touch Spa

    Title: Review: Danni @ Healing Touch Spa Date: Oct 11, 2019 Phone: 347-287-5023 City: Flushing State: NY Location: 70th off kissena right behind the pharmacy Age Estimate: 50+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Not fat, not skinny, 5'2" at best Private Details: I'm not going to say this...
  15. thekingofafk

    Review: Universal Rumba Salon-Unisex

    Excellent review
  16. thekingofafk

    Review: Sunshine Spa YuYu

    left the curtain open? wtf?
  17. thekingofafk

    Review: Mom Berenice’s Beauty Salon: Nelly

    I read this thread and keep thinking to myself "dude paid for this kinda ass?!?"
  18. thekingofafk

    2 Big Black ProDommes

    i havent, NHP huh, has to be Jericho Tpk
  19. thekingofafk

    Review: Milking Table!

    yeah did that, but prior to that did a google search and looked up 36th, believe it or not there were a few listings