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  1. Horndog215

    A Celebration of Tikka

    all i know is her new found bule husband is one lucky SOB! if it wasn’t for him she’d still be giving massages she tells me, what we’ve been paying for in hopes of getting he now gets as the cost of nothing (theoretically) lol
  2. Horndog215

    Younger (legal) Hot Spots Near Philly?

    google is an amazing thing bro you should check it out! European Massage
  3. Horndog215

    ISO the mythical Big Booty Asian

    no doubt! she posted it on her twitter and there is this swingers group from fetlife that i follow they do weekly events like this with different adult stars and some local girls, cost is lower but keep in mind your sharing with like 7 or 8 dudes so yea i was there for 3 hours but probably only...
  4. Horndog215

    ISO the mythical Big Booty Asian

    you probably paid a CRAZY fee for that outcall too, her gangbang was about 7 guys and just her and it only cost $70 i was there for about 3 hours lol just take turns
  5. Horndog215

    Review: Lisa-Big booty Malaysian

    she’s neither, they don’t have an option for Indonesian, so i selected the next best thing i.e Southeast Asia..
  6. Horndog215

    Review: Lisa-Big booty Malaysian

    yes especially if you’re a regular, she does text you often to get you to come over but a burner phone number is necessary i use google voice, no lag, free texting and phone calls unlimited. and you can simply log out when you don’t want any notifications
  7. Horndog215

    Review: Lisa-Big booty Malaysian

    Title: Review: Lisa-Big booty Malaysian Date: May 18, 2023 Phone: 215-243-3679‬ City: Philadelphia State: PA Location: south philly Age Estimate: 43 Nationality: Filipino Physical Description: thick Private Details: Went to visit Lisa wasn’t in the mood for FS and i know this woman...
  8. Horndog215

    Big behind providers

    lol bit of an exaggeration stop misleading folks lol
  9. Horndog215

    Review: New Star - Yoko

    kinda just the nature of the beast. 1 in the afternoon is rush hour (s) try again later in the evening or even a respectable early morning and i assure you, you’ll yield different results.
  10. Horndog215

    Review: New Star - Yoko

    what time did you show up? it must’ve been during rush hour !
  11. Horndog215

    Review: Anna - Tika's Replacement

    110% won’t happen, she got married to some lucky bloke lol and moved with him to Delaware. She’ll be back in south philly she told me in a few weeks. she will work on a part time basis with Lisa for extra cash. She told me this 2 days ago.
  12. Horndog215

    Review: New Star - Angela (Mexican)

    i personally think you’ll be fine, show up and have proper Spa etiquette and you should be fine, i was she was a bucket of fun and VERY accommodating. i saw her last Saturday the 15th and she was there
  13. Horndog215

    Review: New Star - Angela (Mexican)

    i just saw her and had a great time last weekend! i am a younger African American male. i wasn’t turned away at the door. but if you go to websites like listcrawler or STG 99% of the ads say no AA which everyone has their right to not want to date someone but if i had to guess i’d say her not...
  14. Horndog215

    Yuki here, Yuki there, Yuki ....

    don’t forget yuki at cherry street
  15. Horndog215

    Review: New Star Tina

    my sincere advice because i’m also in my 20s is to travel abroad if you want younger ladies. i’ve stayed in south east Asia for a month spent less than a grand in the 30 days i was there and no one i met was over 25.. same in south America and mexico i go there and work remotely and monger at...
  16. Horndog215

    Victoria is Back @ Sun Spa!

    woooooooow! business is about to shoot to the stars she’s been in New York for a while can’t wait to welcome her back to philly!!!
  17. Horndog215

    Another one bites the dust!!

    smh..can’t wait until the government finds a way to tax the business so this can become legal..
  18. Horndog215

    Review: Tina @ AZN

    tina doesn’t even work at AZN anymore bro lol
  19. Horndog215

    ISO the mythical Big Booty Asian

    she’s having a private event, shoot me a DM for info to attend