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  1. Star_ light

    Cumberland County bust

    A 2nd arrest has been made recently, Zigui "Lisa" Zheng.
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    Cumberland County bust

    I was out and drove by Jojo's spa on the Carlisle Pike. Place is closed. It looks like there is a white paper posted on the outside of the entrance to Jojo's Spa. FYI.
  3. Star_ light

    Cumberland County bust

    Here is an article with a little more in depth information as well as a photograph of Min Dong. More on the taskforce behind this operation...
  4. Star_ light

    Review: Dream Day Spa

    I wish I did. Jennifer changed her cell phone # so I have no idea where she moved onto.
  5. Star_ light

    Review: Dream Day Spa

    Title: Review: Dream Day Spa Date: Aug 31, 2023 Phone: (717) 503-7154 City: Lemoyne State: PA Location: 5225 Simpson Ferry Road Suite 2 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6 + .6 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 40ish Physical Description: 5' 8", 120 lbs., wet, hair, brunette, medium...
  6. Star_ light

    Ocean Day Spa Update?

    There have been several spa's lately that have changed management (Tiger Lily, etc.)
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    Review: New QQ Lemoyne

    The unfortunate thing about Google reviews, it is next to impossible to get a bad review removed.
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    Review: New QQ Lemoyne

    I was there recently and Mya was the only person working. Here is the complaint from Google -
  9. Star_ light

    STG Harrisburg Eisenhower blvd

    I'd avoid Red Roof Inn. From what I hear, they are regularly patrolled by the local police. Their station is just down the road from the strip.
  10. Star_ light

    Review: QQ Spa - Lemoyne

    Title: Review: QQ Spa - Lemoyne Date: Aug 14, 2023 Phone: (717) 761-4759 City: Lemoyne State: PA Location: 829 State St #1010 House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + 50 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Tall, medium body build. Wore loose fit clothing, shorts and...
  11. Star_ light

    Ocean Day Spa Update?
  12. Star_ light

    Ocean Day Spa Update?

    Not sure what to make of this but Ocean Day Spa is advertising a "grand opening" on STG. STG is not the most reliable source for anything however I did text the phone # and it came back as 855 Market Street, Lemoyne. For what its worth.
  13. Star_ light

    Review: Indy Grace
  14. Star_ light

    New Spa in Camp Hill - 411 Massage

    Just ran across this on Craigslist. 411 S. 32nd Street in Camp Hill. Have not stopped by as of this posting.
  15. Star_ light

    Review: Tiger Lily - Camp Hill

    It appears that Tiger Lily is under new management. Last time I stopped in they had a new staff and no sign of Tiffany. If anyone knows where she went, PM me. Thanks!
  16. Star_ light

    aunsity touch

    Only historical. AT has been open/closed off and on for the past few years. Never stopped in but read sporatic reports of their operations being off then on. Mixed reviews.
  17. Star_ light

    Review: Indy Grace

    She posts on Craigslist. 1.0, 1.5 and 2.4.
  18. Star_ light

    Cumberland County bust
  19. Star_ light


    Your best attempt would be to search for "soaplands." Nuru massage originated in Japan and if you find a Japanese style soapland in the USA your chances are good you will find Nuru on the menu. I think its over expensive but that is just me. I travel to Japan and know where there are soapland...