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  1. AnonMongerNJ

    What is your opinion on BANNED MEMBERS

    Please reinstate error434. I was a contributing member with over 2 dozen quality reviews and have made some friends along the way. Then I was mysteriously banned without a word of warning. Thank you!
  2. AnonMongerNJ

    Good to be back

    Looking back at some of the posts from my previous handle, so many commenters were also banned. That's some crazy facist crap. It made me want to just keep a low profile after rejoining. Every review or comment was like walking around a minefield. I've never been in a forum where the moderators...
  3. AnonMongerNJ

    Good afternoon NJ members! Feedback requested

    I contributed dozens of reviews and hundreds of comments that I thought were (hopefully) helpful or interesting to other members. Then one day I was suddenly banned. Not a word of warning. Similar happened to a number of my contacts here.
  4. AnonMongerNJ

    Good afternoon NJ members! Feedback requested

    Great to hear! Two questions: Is this policy site-wide? I see that Central NJ section still has banned review info up. For members that were mysteriously banned, can their old accounts be revived? Thank you for stepping in to handle things!
  5. AnonMongerNJ

    What makes you repeat with same provider?

    Personally, it's 50% chemistry, 20% service, and 30% not having to discuss tips ever again. I would talk about the reverse: why do you leave an ATF? There have only been 2 ATFs that I've ghosted. First one got a bit too personal after about 10 visits and started acting like a jealous/nosy...
  6. AnonMongerNJ

    Significant other

    That’s why it’s good to have a stash of nail/spa Groupons to give to her on days like this.
  7. AnonMongerNJ


    Until they hit a slow spell and start texting you 10x a day. It's just business.
  8. AnonMongerNJ

    Text Aps

    Use a texting app or Google Voice on a burner phone. Double layer of anonymity. It's far from foolproof but much better than either one alone.
  9. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    Lol old enough to know a hypocrite when I see one (including the one in the mirror every morning). I have nothing against this spa nor OP. Been going there for some time. Happy hobbying, all!
  10. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    To be fair I’m a bit guilty of that for another spa (3 reviews of 3 providers, same spa, within a month). I guess my point was that as the choices become fewer, we’re forced to go to the same 2 or 3 spas. And for those who enjoy writing reviews, that can quickly start to look like shilling...
  11. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Dream Spa - Jessy

    It was bad enough back when there were a ton of good spas to choose from. Remember Sunny, Young, and HAGNJ and their crazy 10 reviews a day? Now with the scarcity of decent spots, these spotlights make the places too hot. Personally I know I’ll probably stay away from this place for a bit to let...
  12. AnonMongerNJ

    Who is a 10 from Bianca’s girls?

    I love it when I see guys say "I don't need to shower because I just had one". But the girls don't know that. To their eyes, you could have just come from a hot, dirty worksite. I ALWAYS take a shower there, however brief. Honestly, it doesn't take away any time from the main event. And it gives...
  13. AnonMongerNJ

    Who is a 10 from Bianca’s girls?

    Guys should imagine if the tables are turned and the girls meet you at the door all sweaty, stinky, and disheveled. I like to pretend it's a date so I would at least dress decent with a clean shave. I don't care if I'm the paying customer. If I go to a nice restaurant all sloppy I can't expect...
  14. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Massage Therapy- Angela

    I’m guilty of this as well. With this scarcity of quality choices, I find myself gravitating towards the same (very) few places. This will add up to places having a glut of reviews and subsequent overbooking, leading to negative feedbacks. The cycle repeats. I’m probably overthinking it. Lol
  15. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Somerset Indepdent "@@@ Somerset" girl

    If "Damage wasn't too bad" why not just list it in the details?
  16. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Cindy @ Myunsung (Young) Spa

    Title: Review: Cindy @ Myunsung (Young) Spa Date: Mar 28, 2023 Phone: 908-227-7376 City: Plainfield State: NJ Location: E Front Street Age Estimate: Late 20s to early 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Slim and fit Private Details: I realize I'm starting to look like a shill...
  17. AnonMongerNJ

    Review: Massage Therapy- Angela

    Those closures in Edison must be fueling all this traffic to S Plainfield. I’ve never seen this place packed.
  18. AnonMongerNJ


    Same. I used to be quite active there and BGFE back in the day. Then between her and Emma (on BGFE), the drama was just too much. Each of them love to inject themselves into almost every discussion, and kiss up to the admins. It's a lot less stressful being a lurker.
  19. AnonMongerNJ

    STG: Anyone tried out this Blonde yet?

    Coming from someone who’s dated crazy bitches before, her pics come across as someone who can go unhinged very quickly.
  20. AnonMongerNJ

    Biancas Instagram

    That’s what the hobby phone is for