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  1. J

    Which provider do you miss the most?

    Crystal, Tiffany from one two Emily from ggt
  2. J


    It seems like they lost Vicky as well. I’ve been trying to make an appt with Vicky since last week but Joanna kept telling me come tomorrow or I’ll get back to you after I checked (which is weird). I really liked this spa but I guess this is it.
  3. J


    How’s Joanna?
  4. J

    Review: Magic Spa

    Bait and switch! I called for Sasha and was told she’s working. I know she left a month ago so I asked more questions to confirm like same Sasha who used to work? She came back? The answer was YES to all. Rookie mistake! Should have asked who's working. Anyways, I drove for 50mins but a petite...
  5. J

    One two spa

    Anyone been to one two recently? I made an appt for Vicky. I got there a little early so I pulled over to the parking lot across from one two. Stayed there for 5 min and saw 2 guys came out from one two and started smoking. I drove out and make u turn thinking they should be gone by the time I...
  6. J

    Review: One Two Spa

    I could be wrong but I think it is because they don’t have mms. I never seen mms there.
  7. J

    Review: Crystal - One Two Spa

    Wfh... I’ve been paying 45 for hh...
  8. J

    Review: Pleasant surprise at Green Garden Therapy

    Anna has a big butt?
  9. J

    Review: Body Care Therapy - Coco

    I had Coco back in 2020. She was smaller than 5’6” and 34C. Maybe she’s a new girl?
  10. J

    Review: Oasis Spa—Lisa

    I think the fat one is Carol/Mimi.
  11. J

    Review: GGT - Willow

    Emily is still there? I would see her
  12. J

    Great Boobs - Central NJ
  13. J

    Review: Massage Wok - Cici

    I called and made an appt on Friday. I asked for Cici and was told she’s working. Got there and only one girl was working. Something was not right! The girl was skinny and definitely not DDD. I asked her “you cici?” And she said “yes” I asked her a few more times and she kept saying “yes”. I...