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    Review: Isabel Latina Massage - Edison

    This should answer your question:
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    Review: South Jersey Massage

    My bad, I just now realized I put this in the wrong section. Sorry about that!
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    Review: South Jersey Massage

    Title: Review: South Jersey Massage Date: Oct 20, 2022 Phone: 8563017793 City: Mt. Laurel State: NJ Location: Near hotel down Rt. 73 Age Estimate: 20-30 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Perky, playful brunette type Private Details: Was in the mood for some action so I saw...
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    Review: Reiki-U Kayla

    Title: Review: Reiki-U Kayla Date: Sep 16, 2022 Phone: +1 (201) 613-3131 City: Edison State: NJ Location: Rt. 27 Age Estimate: 30-40 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Curvy milf Private Details: Had some time today so I decided to visit this massage place in Edison. They have a...
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    Review: Latina Massage - Isabella

    Title: Review: Latina Massage - Isabella Date: Jul 30, 2022 Phone: +17322480188 City: Edison State: NJ Location: Next to pizza parlor Age Estimate: 35-40 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Not bad for her age, average body. Private Details: On an off day decided to come in this...
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    Review: Latina Massage - Nicole

    Oops. Knew I forgot something lol. It was .6 for the HF & 2.0 for the FS.
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    Review: Latina Massage - Nicole

    Title: Review: Latina Massage - Nicole Date: Jul 24, 2022 Phone: (732) 248-0188 City: Edison State: NJ Location: Next to pizza parlor Age Estimate: 30-40s Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Saggy but huge juggs, nice plump behind Private Details: Called in for an appointment...
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    Review: Bliss Spa - Nikki

    Title: Review: Bliss Spa - Nikki Date: Nov 26, 2021 Phone: 732-243-9988 City: Edison State: NJ Location: Near MCCC Age Estimate: Mid 20s Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Tan skin, curly wet-like hair, curvy in the right areas. Private Details: Walked in for a massage, saw Nikki...
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    Review: PPC - South Brunswick

    Title: Review: PPC - South Brunswick Date: Oct 10, 2021 Phone: 6097997900 City: South Brunswick State: NJ Location: Next to Home Depot Age Estimate: 35-40s Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Slim kinda small Private Details: Called and made an appointment, I tried to see the...