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    Review: Bsc

    How early are they open?
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    Would appreciate some info, heading over there this weekend. PMs welcome, TIA!
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    Strip clubs w/ extras

    How is Jiggles? Never been but past by from time to time.
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    Providers with REAL bp or escorthub photos

    Where's she host? Motel?
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    Underground Lapdance Scene Advice

    Wheres this spot located?
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    Around Easton

    Going to Easton this weekend, was wondering if there are any places that are worth visiting. TIA!
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    Strip clubs w/ extras

    Always wanted to go but never have time in the morning. How's legs and eggs?
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    Review: 41 Spa

    Which Latinas spots in nj?
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    Review: Jin Spa-Lily

    Title: Review: Jin Spa-Lily Date: May 5, 2022 Phone: City: Fairlawn State: Nj Age Estimate: Late 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Skinny, typical Asian lady bod Private Details: Woke up feeling like I needed a massage, decided to go to Jin spa. Didn't call ahead and just...
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    Review: Hudson spa

    I saw all the ladies working that night no one was attractive in my eyes. I just read somewhere Jenny was nice and thick, and she wouldn't last. Idk...
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    Review: Hudson spa

    Title: Review: Hudson spa Date: Apr 30, 2022 Phone: City: Edgewater State: Nj Age Estimate: Mid to late 50 Physical Description: Brickhouse Private Details: After reading reviews i got the itch for a thickbeauty. Called ahead asked for Jenny. Mms asked which Jenny, I said the big tit...
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    Review: Peach spa

    Title: Review: Peach spa Date: Mar 21, 2022 Phone: City: Nyc State: Ny Location: 46th westside Age Estimate: 40ish Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Fit, 5'3ish Private Details: Was around in the city meeting a friend for dinner and after a few drinks had the itch. Called Peach...
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    Review: Cindy - Lina’s Beauty Salon

    Better to call ahead?
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    Review: Gold --Sasa

    Title: Review: Gold --Sasa Date: Dec 30, 2021 Phone: Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Above average for an asian Private Details: Called ahead and asked for Sasa. Agreed on a time when she would be available and head over. Was let in and headed straight to the room. In comes...
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    Review: 785 - Nana

    Title: Review: 785 - Nana Date: Nov 6, 2021 Phone: City: Passiac State: Nj Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Short, big breasts Private Details: Called ahead and booked Nana on Saturday night. This was the first time in a long time returning to the hobby. First...
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    Review: Healing hands

    Title: Review: Healing hands Date: Oct 26, 2019 Phone: City: Horsham State: PA Location: Near tpke Age Estimate: Early 30s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite with decent figure Private Details: Decide to stop in while visiting my cousin nearby. MMS greeted me and took me...
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    Review: Amy's day spa

    Title: Review: Amy's day spa Date: Sep 20, 2019 Phone: 973-949-5666 City: Hawthorne State: Nj Location: Lafayette ave Age Estimate: 50ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Typical Private Details: Was in the area and need a massage so I dropped by. The first person I saw was...
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    Review: Lana Soapy Showers

    Is Sasha still doing with with Lana?
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    Review: Jin spa

    Title: Review: Jin spa Date: Jul 26, 2019 Phone: City: Fair lawn State: Nj Location: Rt 4 and 30th (across CVS) Age Estimate: 45ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Your average asian lady Private Details: Wanted to go to Lavender but didnt have an opening so i decided to try...
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    Review: S&L

    Title: Review: S&L Date: Jun 15, 2019 Phone: City: Fort Lee State: NJ Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Shorty, cubby Private Details: There isn't much to write about. Strictly therapeutic place. Provider would rub against my arm but nothing offered on the...