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  1. manfrenjentsen

    AMP Info On East Side of Manhattan

    There is one review for Crystal Spa on 71st St. (646) 726-4023
  2. manfrenjentsen

    Lunchtime Handy

    And cheaper.
  3. manfrenjentsen

    Chatgpt- curious if you animals are using it and what your thoughts are

    No. I read that a student created GPT Zero over his Winter break to recognize the Chat GPT generated work.
  4. manfrenjentsen

    Lunchtime Handy

    I've never been, but Skyline is in the area where you will be. Reviews can be found herein.
  5. manfrenjentsen

    Young non Asian girls

    Search bar upper right corner.
  6. manfrenjentsen

    Any experience with Dana at MGNY

    You just joined and need to do some research on your own. Search bar upper right hand corner. But here you go. You're welcome.
  7. manfrenjentsen

    Pornstar Escorts

    Liya Silver would be nice. I have found no evidence that she is available.
  8. manfrenjentsen

    Review: Heaven Phoenix Indy

    More info in this link.
  9. manfrenjentsen

    Top celebrities you wish were providers

    I believe she is on reddit, yes.
  10. manfrenjentsen

    Review: Aces Suzy

    She left NYC . is the website.
  11. manfrenjentsen

    Review: Japanese yoko

    Here is the ad:
  12. manfrenjentsen

    Is she a pretty Chinese woman ?

    If she doesn't have back problems already, she may have some in the future - trying to hold up the girls like that.
  13. manfrenjentsen

    Review: Tuina Spa - Lana

    Wow. TY for TOFTT. Next time this happens, you know what to do.
  14. manfrenjentsen

    Review: Red Rose Spa - Angie

    TY for your review. You can search for Sweet Spa herein on this site.
  15. manfrenjentsen

    Top celebrities you wish were providers

    Aria Khan - she has an OF account.
  16. manfrenjentsen

    Manscape spot
  17. manfrenjentsen

    Manscape spot
  18. manfrenjentsen

    Any spas more east? eg. 2/3rd avenue midtown.

    Best to do a Google search and view the map.