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    Any white providers?

    tell them to snap out of it cus now theyr gonna be even more lonely with less money
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    Ella Ellis? PAWG Stacked MILF

    shes not a pawg lol nice ass tho. hopefully not too airbrushed
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    Any white providers?

    the white girls are finding sugar daddys who they dont have to sleep with for money probably lol. or charging $$$$$ per hour. i love white women but charging as much as they do is not worth it
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    Higher rates!

    preach!!!! too many white knights on these boards and when i ask them why thy tip beyond the norm they say "capitalism" eff all that ur the reason these women think they can charge 3x what they should be charging
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    Lana Soapy Shower

    i was busting balls too im in a good mood lol
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    Lana Soapy Shower

    how abt you move one from following me around on this board ya? thanks
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    Lana Soapy Shower

    not worth the effort. went to see her multipe times got ghosted even after confirmation. shes a paranoid cook
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    Any intel on Vega Spa on 5th Ave?

    anyone have intel? sus to me it used to be a very legit spa woman owned i think some hot russian chick . maybe she sold it
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    Any intel on Vega Spa on 5th Ave?

    isnt vega spa a legit spa? i been here last yr for a facial. unless it recently has new management
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    Review: Sherry at Bali Sunset Spa

    Title: Review: Sherry at Bali Sunset Spa Date: Dec 28, 2022 Phone: (929) 939-3999 City: Brooklyn State: New York Location: South Slope Age Estimate: late 30s Physical Description: Chinese. nice breasts. decent face. thick ish for an asian Private Details: finished my workout at they gym...
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    Review: Skyline Spa Julie

    Title: Review: Skyline Spa Julie Date: Dec 17, 2022 Phone: 9293289578 City: NYC Columbus Circle Area State: NY Location: Colombus Circle Area Age Estimate: 50s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: old. decent skinny body with decent tits. old looking in the face Private Details...
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    Review: Parker’s Angels - Bambi

    agency looks hood af
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    Review: Coco Midtown Independent

    shes not thick. slim is better description. not much ass
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    Voluptuous Asians??

    the asians with these types of bodies exist but extremely rare. either civies or indies. any indies near those pics OP posted will likely charge in the grand.
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    Review: Coco - east midtown massage

    ur not reading the thread. she doesnt have latina curves shes a bbw asian woman which is fine in itself.
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    Review: Coco - east midtown massage

    What shawn was trying to say lol is she is a bbw. i wouldnt say shes really fat but does fall in a combination of fat and curvy. DEF BBW THO. she is attractive and pleasant and very nice at a good price point and thats the good things. but tbh unless she starts doing FS i wouldnt go for the same...
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    Got scammed today, please be aware

    out these hoes. no one deserves to get stolen from
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    Review: Mia @ Union 188 Spa

    i could give two shits about captialism. when you give $200 for a %#%%## HJ u ruin it for everyone else and keep them entitled to that price point. In brooklyn? are u kidding me? lol crazy
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    Sierra Singh

    im indian and those indians are more west indian by personality than east indian.
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    Review: A&R Julia

    u guys paying 200+ for brooklyn spots are completely ruining it for everyone else.