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    Review: Joha’s Spa - Carolina

    Good luck trying to be discreet here. Busy small strip mall at busy intersection as well as LE sometimes just hanging out in the parking lot.
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    Review: Dadada kim

    Still cannot believe that guys rely on the 70 year old as being the "treasure".
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    Where are they now thread?

    Samantha Sux. Dropped out of site.
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    A question for all Mongers

    Yes 70. She has her fans though but not me.
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    Look up Krystal Clear. Big girl.
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    A question for all Mongers

    You are better off just dating or establishing a serious relationship. It has been 18 months plus since my last spa or escort encounter. Do not miss it, plus I feel much better about myself. Have put more effort in with my SO and all is good. I had 3 instances that just turned me off. 1 of...
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    Any info on Emma. Milking table.

    You are better off watching porn and jacking yourself rather than seeing this wackjob.
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    Fitness/muscular girls

    Check out Vanessa Vega, For the bargain price of $12K a month she can be your sugar baby. She is no so fit anymore either.
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    Does anyone remember Sandra in Pt Pleasant?

    She never mentioned her husband to me and I never asked. She spoke highly of her son and his wife. Told me her Dad was still living in Columbia. I may try contacting her again.
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    Review: Vicki Vayne

    I went to see her in hotel room. Turned around instantly.
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    Milking table info?

    Avoid. 400 dollars price alone is a joke. She’s been banned from other boards. Drama and was always into fights with other escorts.
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    Review: Vicki Vayne

    Re-reading this thread and reminding me of the disgusting smell, sloppy looks, and plus she seemed high makes me wonder how she gets any customers.
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    Large breasts?

    Super Busty Marilyn
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    Review: DDD Tina

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    Review: Mings ocean spa

    I go to Ming’s here and there. No complaints. Always get a good massage. Never rushed. I sometimes go for 90 minutes. Legit. You have to go here knowing massage only. No “funny” business.
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    Great TV Show Theme Songs

    Ironside with Raymond Burr. Daktari theme song was good too.
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    i miss the girls wearing a mask

    No kidding around with Firr. He is the real deal.
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    Review: Lily's Bodyworks

    Title: Review: Lily's Bodyworks Date: Sep 16, 2022 Phone: City: Marlboro State: NJ Location: Northbound side of RT 9 Age Estimate: 40-50 Physical Description: Plain looking. Straight hair to shoulders. Private Details: Went to Lily's for professional services only. Second time at this...
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    Review: Car date with vicki vayne

    A few years ago I went to see Vayne. Immediately left. Horrible smoke smell. She seemed “high” and looked messy. I don’t know she gets customers.
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    Review: Lily's Body Works

    Correct. I wrote a review. Tried to edit and looks like what I wrote got deleted. To be brief. Went here for legitimate services, 2nd visit. Tried the place out a few years, mediocre at best then. This visit was not any better. Asked for firm massage, mostly got just pushing around...