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    Review: Aki @ BubbleGirls/NYCSmilingEyes

    Is this the same Aki advertised as mixed that was at PP/WSD earlier this year?
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    Review: My first(of two) taste of Korean beauties @ MetroGirls PT 1 (Yuri)

    Who's face did you find more attractive? Khloe or Yuri?
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    Review: MG - Khloe

    It was also the last appt so I think Splish Splash must've turned off the water cause she farted twice trying to push it out :cry:
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    Review: MG - Khloe

    Anyone know how she looks in terms of age compared to June? I remember seeing reviews of June on here and went in thinking she was in her 30's and boy was I wrong.
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    Review: Kora - KG

    Just wondering - is there 2 pops on the table for Kora?
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    Review: Massage flushing queens 24 hours spa

    Is she Korean or Chinese? Other review seems to state she’s Chinese
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    Review: sophie ddy

    Are her photos her?
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    Looking for super skinny provider?

    Guo Guo is extremely skinny imo
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    Review: Gabriella @ NYCVIPSPOT

    I believe 2 pops are on the table for the hr at nycvip
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    Review: Heaven - Elm6688

    Anyone try out Kimberly? Looks like they have a new Brazilian there today.
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    411 Star

    Appreciate you. Figured the pics were a little too good to be true lol
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    411 Star

    Figured I'd ask this here since Yuna and Hara seem to have both been from SF before NY. But Kover Girls in NY has a new chick starting today by the name of 'Star'. Was wondering if she's also from SF, and maybe went by another name. Pics are definitely intriguing.
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    First time got rejected!

    Second this. How did Jojo look? Mai looks really good here too at least from her photos
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    Best Place to Pickup Regular Korean Girls in NYC

    Just saying.. I’m sure there are some guys here that can pull, but are on here/hobbying because they have significant others or just for the thrill of it ;)
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    Review: King's Spa - Valeria

    Title: Review: King's Spa - Valeria Date: Jul 14, 2021 Phone: 6463463329 City: Jackson Heights State: NY Location: Northern Blvd Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Just like her pics. Petite, perfect mms and booty Private Details: Saw this chick Valeria pop up in...
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    Think you might be right. There are 2 of them, both legendary, but the one from the glory days of DH is the one I'm thinking of. The one I see in the ads lately here and there is different.
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    Looks like they posted today on AS. Number is right there
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    Britney is the goat. She also speaks perfect English unlike Butterfly. I remember the last time I saw Butterfly at DH maybe a year or two ago, she had crazy backne kind of freaked me out lol.
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    Review: Upscale Bodyrub - Aubrey

    Second that. Are her photos accurate? Her and Danni look good
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    Review: King's Spa - Shannon

    Definitely do try to see Valeria when she's in. She's a little reserved, but sexy as hell. Will write review soon.