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  1. Tantrician

    Review: Cici Hawaii spa

    Is the would-be husband/architect a monger, too?
  2. Tantrician

    Review: Hana Spa - Nicole

    Nicole is at Bergen Spa in Cliffside Park now. Dyes her hair blonde, very much a looker, looks great in her black spandex. Does a good TS, plays with your boys nicely. Will do DATY but for a price and won't open her legs wide for it. Still I made her cum. She's got her rules and loves to vap...
  3. Tantrician

    Any one ever thought about marrying one?

    Wow. My guess is her lifestyle and habits were hard wired by the time you/she united. These girls are promiscuous. It's the opening question on the job interview: are you or aren't you? If you marry one, the upside is you can have a swing lifestyle, which to me seems exciting. The downside is if...
  4. Tantrician

    Review: 365 spa - Monica

    Saw Monica a few days back. Pretty and gives a sensual TS, smooth cbj, but wanted it done and over and felt a little rushed. But we got to the other positions and on the whole it was satisfying.
  5. Tantrician

    Review: Edgewater No 1 - Nikki

    An AMP's work is lucrative but still, having to 'put out' multiple times daily, day in/day out, often to men they'd not give a 2nd look to if not in this setting, jeez that's got to take its toll.
  6. Tantrician

    Review: 365 spa - CICI !!!

    They have 2 spots in the back reserved for 365.
  7. Tantrician

    Review: Nana @ 365 Fairview

    Still a screamer. Things got loud and bumpin' today. Awesome time.
  8. Tantrician

    Any one ever thought about marrying one?

    Well done in laying it out here. I've wondered how they really feel about themselves deep down, knowing it's pay-for-sex work all the way. And I'm curious, do share more about the kind of "crazy" earnings they pull in.
  9. Tantrician

    Any one ever thought about marrying one?

    ...A therapist once told me: "all women are whores". He didn't mean it literally, but rather that woman seek to be valued, to be wanted, and therefor expect money to be spent on them. That men are to be picking up the check, men are to be buying flowers, men are to be gifting as a way to show...
  10. Tantrician

    Review: Hawaii-Cici

    Wow...say it's 40 inside a given day. At, say, a buck twenty five per go, she's driving back to Frushing (Flushing) with 4-5k inside her purse, all tax free, and smiling like the butcher's dog.
  11. Tantrician

    Review: Bebe Punta Cana

    All that said, I still think Bebe is one of the more attractive providers. I mean, how cool is it for a sexy/attractive Asian babe to show up in the room wearing a short, black dress?
  12. Tantrician

    Review: Hawaii-Cici

    I'm guessing 40 is just hyperbole, but still, the popular girls must feel freakin' worn out even half way through a shift. The money's damn good, tho, and their alternative is cleaning houses, given their limit English speaking skills and even education.
  13. Tantrician

    Review: Bebe Punta Cana

    I think she went to the shower after she finished me with a HJ.
  14. Tantrician

    Review: Bebe Punta Cana

    As soon as I saw her, I thought, jeez, she looks like someone I might know. Driving home, it hit me.
  15. Tantrician

    Review: Bebe Punta Cana

    I had Bebe yesterday at PC as well in early afternoon. Showed up in a nice, short, sparkly black dress. Great body, great butt. I was my first time with her and she was overall, well, aloof, going through the paces of our session, and I'm a pretty fit guy. TS was ok-to-good, then 10 min massage...
  16. Tantrician


    TS, massage and HJ are seemingly safe and a way to diversify one's sexual needs, unless that's not satisfying enough.
  17. Tantrician

    Review: Paradise Spa—Monica

    Enjoy reading your reviews. A google search for 'Paradise Spa' in Manhattan only reveals a few AMP reviews and a manicure salon. Someone indicated it's located between W. 40th and 9th. I'm in NYC Wed and would likely visit. Is this a place you first text, then they give you address/etc?
  18. Tantrician

    Review: Bebe@Punta cuna

    I was there a few days back. They told me Bebe works there no more.
  19. Tantrician

    Review: Bonhamptown-Helen

    Thanks for taking the time to review this thorough review.