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    Add a low cholesterol diet to this, and thats everything that has been "proven". Supplements are all BS, unproven, and unregulated. Take baby aspirin to thin your blood. Its all very mechanical; fluid dynamics. Blood is the fluid, heart is the pump, circulatory system is the piping curcuit. You...
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    Review: Yuriko - KG

    Yes, she is a beauty.
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    Review: Parisppany incall

    929-988-0059 (Hoboken) and 917-239-5663 (Secaucus). Just search this site for more info. should be plenty out there
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    Review: Parisppany incall

    Agreed. You get what you pay for. I have found three reliable agencies in NJ and NYC. I stick with them. Price is higher and I had to get screened, but quality is much better, consistent, and locations are secure, safe, and very comfortable. I feel it is worth the money.
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    Review: Kora at KG. Spectacular.

    That's old. I do not think it exists anymore.
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    Review: Emily - Nyincall for a jersey place

    Yes. Verna was most likely under 25. She looked and seemed young. She is the only one I have seen so far. I will go back and try another, eventually.
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    Review: Emily - Nyincall for a jersey place

    Yes, this place is legit. I texted, went through verification process and saw Verna on Tuesday. Parking is a pain. A 25 minute walk from NJT (HOBOKEN). Nice place. Verna was very good. Pics not real.
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    Review: Sara the Japanese sinner Saint @ JPKC

    I certainly agree with that. If you like the way she looks and performs, you gotta go back a few times to see where you can take it. Sometimes, its nowhere. Sometimes, it is NOT nowhere.
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    Review: Amy

    Sounds like fun to me!
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    Review: Kora at KG. Spectacular.

    This review seems legit. I have seen her many, many times. She does like to get herself off by rubbing her clit while getting it.
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    Review: Kora at KG. Spectacular.

    Be sure to take the time to read all of her reviews here. She IS hot, but YMMV. There is definitely a screening process at KG. Text them to inquire.
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    Review: Kora - KG (half-service)

    Excellent summary.
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    Review: Kora - KG (half-service)

    What if two goons come through the door? I'm too old for that!
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    Review: Kora - KG (half-service)

    It's a tough situation, and a good amount of money. I agree with you. I think you made the right call. Cut your losses and avoid escalation.
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    Review: Kora - KG (half-service)

    I agree. Don't write off KG. They have some great talent. Although it was unfortunate, try to remember these women are people too (from a different culture with a different language) and may being having personal issues that result in "a bad day at work." I know I've gone to work in the past and...
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    Review: Kora - KG

    I can confirm this. I have seen Kora seven times since August. On my second visit I booked two hours and have booked two hours every time since. The increased time and familiarity have gradually changed the dynamic of our sessions. It is very relaxed and as close to a genuine GFE that I have...
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    Desire - - anyone know her?

    Haha......yea, look at that weekend price! Ill take a year please!!
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    Fellow Mongers are PAYING to Fuck Average Ladies

    Who would spend their hard earned money on a Harley-Davidson? Its a mediocre machine on a good day, but lots of people buy them. As an engineer, I do not understand why anyone would buy a HD when you can buy a Honda, BMW, Yamaha, Ducati, etc. To each his own. Its a free market.