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  1. J

    AZN Girl Drinks in Chinatown

    I was curious if having a drink with a customer is frowned upon, or if I got her in any sort of trouble with management. We went out and had some drinks, dropped her off at the parlor. We texted for a bit and then radio silence. Anytime I call there the mm says. she's not working. So I don't...
  2. J

    East Coast fellow

    In town and need a good massage and other things. Staying off the river in the Near North Side of Chicago. checking reviews is a nightmare on a phone, anything close to my part of Chi Town? Thanks for the help!
  3. J

    Review: AZN - Minnie

    Does Annie still work there?
  4. J

    Monique at True Balance

    This is going back a few years, but anyone know of her or where she might be working?
  5. J

    EPM Screening Process

    Am really cagey about giving someone my DL number and address. Is there any other way to get screened there?
  6. J

    Need a good outcall service. In Cherry Hill NJ tonight,

    Went to the 76ers game, strip club before and after, who can I call reliable to my room?
  7. J

    Best spot for $250-$300 in NYC

    Does Asian Star have a website?
  8. J

    Best spot for $250-$300 in NYC

    Thanks for all the help gents. DD’s are nice, but I’m happy with a perky B if they are all natural. I’ll poke around and get some intel on Asian Star.
  9. J

    Best spot for $250-$300 in NYC

    Hello folks, heading into Manhattan on Thursday night. Would love to visit someone who is reliable, real up top, and under 35. Who would you recommend?
  10. J

    Review: Playhouse Lounge Kennedy

    Thanks Doc. Are the nighttime ladies more legit with liberties taken in the back?
  11. J

    Review: Playhouse Lounge Kennedy

    Heading to Playhouse this weekend, but didn't see her on the website. Does she still work there? Who else is great there?
  12. J

    Bisexual lady friend

    I was looking for any experience or insight. The woman I’m seeing is exploring bisexuality. She doesn’t want to get anyone involved that she knows personallThe woman I’m seeing is exploring bisexuality. She doesn’t want to get anyone involved that We know personally. Don’t want to take her to a...
  13. J

    Sandy's Spa, Linda

    I know this is going back a long ways, but in like 2018 there was a nice woman named Linda there. We really hit it off. I got back with my girfriend, and didn't even think about it again. But she just popped into my head. Anyone ever see her or know where she popped up? Thanks for the help.
  14. J

    Review: Lucky 7

    Title: Review: Lucky 7 Date: Jun 10, 2021 Phone: City: Atlantic City State: NJ Location: Atlantic Ave Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Busty Private Details: Walked to a sketch part of town while it was still daylight. Had a couple of beers in me. Met Linda...
  15. J

    Review: True Balance - Mia

    Was thinking about seeing Mia. UTC is something I really appreciate. Can someone confirm if that’s on the table?
  16. J

    Review: Mekar Linda

    Title: Review: Mekar Linda Date: May 6, 2021 Phone: City: Mt Laurel State: NJ Location: By Wendys Age Estimate: 45 Physical Description: Cute, tiny, sweet Private Details: Went for half hour massage on my way home for work. Ive seen Linda several times. Very thorough massage, amazing...
  17. J

    Anna @ DDD

    Anybody know where she went?
  18. J

    Are there any fs service providers by AC?

    Whats your damage to do something like that?
  19. J

    Any overnight providers in the Burlington County or Atlantic City areas

    Thanks for the advice fellas. Any places you would recomend? Ive tried 465 and True Balance
  20. J

    Any overnight providers in the Burlington County or Atlantic City areas

    Was looking for a reputable, fun companion for an overnight trip, possibly to AC. Sunny told me they never do outcalls, so I figured I would ask around here. And also, what kind of damage would something like that cost. Thanks for the help.