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    Brothels busted in SJ

    C org
  2. V

    Brothels busted in SJ

    ohh I have been to that location
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    Review: Emilia LKS

    She is on vacation now :(
  4. V

    Review: WS - Tina/Tiana

    can you PM me phone number link?
  5. V

    Review: Cora

    are her pics on website accurate?
  6. V

    Review: LaGiovanna - PD (B-Org)

    how to locate and safely consume services abroad ? any tips
  7. V

    Review: Rona - WS

    plz pm me any link or phone
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    Burner Phone Recommendations

    best thing for anonymity is Samsung Phone with 'SecureFolder' + VPN app inside SecureFolder + TextNow registered with ProtonEmail Full military grade anonymity and intractability ... no 2 phones hassle
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    Review: BGC Vivi

    there seems to be 2 .com and other .org ... and there are some overlap in the stocks
  10. V

    Review: BGC Vivi

    there is no vivi on their website @FrootNinja975 ... you got name right?
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    Review: Zoey@CA

    which pics on the website are most accurate?
  12. V

    new latina org? any one visited?

    I thought the same since 1 image was repeated on both sites
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    Do C-Orgs operate out of houses?

    I have visited houses multiple times, never experienced any problems...for me mostly issue with cOrgs is fake pics...too away from reality
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    Site issues

    yes me too
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    new latina org? any one visited? ph: 6 6 9_3 3 1_0 5 7 2 any experience folks?
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    Review: PD alexxababy latina

    Title: Review: PD alexxababy latina Date: Aug 26, 2022 Phone: 510_736_7715 City: Milpitas SJ border State: CA Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Curvy but out of $h@pe ... pics real but taken very tactically to mislead, ht-5ft5" Private Details: Damage 200 hhr 1...