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    Review: WSD - Oichi

    damn that sucks ive been meaning to hit this spot since i heard of some latina chick that goes by roxy but for some odd reason they don't answer any of my calls or texts.
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    Review: pretty yuki - linda

    its prettyyuki # is (347) 828-3635 don't know why he didnt provide it.
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    Just moved to Woodside

    can you pm the number been itching for some latina action and near the area
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    Review: Kiki - Do you love me? Are you riding?

    did you get to see the other chick who was available or just kiki? if so how did she compare to kiki?
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    Review: Suzy With The Milk Monsters From Floral Park
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    Review: Next door to old Qing Spa

    you most likely saw the other chick some colombian mami. i did mention there was another latina that i did not see, the one i mentioned is diff goes by karina i now realize i did not mention her name and karina has tatto on her stomach near belly button and on her ass i think it was a lip tattoo
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    Review: UTR Spa near the old qing spa

    Title: Review: UTR Spa near the old qing spa Date: Jun 24, 2022 Phone: 6468971886 City: elmhurst State: new york Location: 90-43 corona ave Age Estimate: early 30s by my guess Nationality: Latina Physical Description: spinner nice ass , small d's by my guess Private Details: i have been...
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    Review: Suzy Korean Milf @ Galaxy Spa (Formerly New Sunny Spa)

    I inquired yesterday about this suzy she isn’t the same one but im going Tuesday to check it out hopefully it’s good
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    Review: Sasha FH

    Title: Review: Sasha FH Date: Feb 27, 2022 Phone: No phone City: Junction State: NY Location: Junction blvd by the jung fi chinese rest Age Estimate: Late 30s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Busty nice rear thin Private Details: As i was taking a stroll looking for some...
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    Review: ANHC - Leslie

    is vannessa also latina? may have to take a stroll
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    Review: ANHC - Leslie

    says short and busty does she lack in the rear department?
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    Review: Latina Independants Astoria

    check the date from the op, your best bet would be to contact the number given if it is still active and take it from there.
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    Review: My ATF Zoey at her New Place

    check the twitter near identical to her
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    Review: Cindy ANHC

    hmm havent heard of wendy? how is she in comparison to the other gals? booty?pretty?
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    Review: Cindy ANHC

    uff might have to take a dive on that how old you think she was??
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    Review: Cindy ANHC

    lukia is alright i like her slutty demeanor too, yuki was my go to everytime i would be all on that booty haha
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    Review: Cindy ANHC

    yeah ive been wanting to meet this winter chick havent had the pleasure as of yet
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    Review: Cindy ANHC

    Title: Review: Cindy ANHC Date: May 12, 2021 Phone: City: Jackson Heights State: NY Location: NANCYs Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: busty lacks on the rear Private Details: I read some reviews on this chick and decided to try my luck being that i have not...
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    Review: ANHC - Cindy / Candy

    sadly at nancys she isn't working there now