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  1. K

    Review: Independent Dominican Mary

    Elaborate. What made it so terrible?
  2. K

    Review: Cris Súper 8

    Not super well, no. Use Google translate if your Español is lacking. I'm conversational and it was choppy for me at times
  3. K

    Review: Cris Súper 8

    GFE & she gets really into it. Totally worth it imo. Saw her yesterday & had the best time. Body is unreal.
  4. K

    Review: Cris Súper 8

    From her pics, she looks tight all around. Waist is fine to me & she's got some great curves. Was thinking of calling her up soon.
  5. K

    Review: Sexy “Selena” - 785 salon

    How would you rank Sasa against Tina, Emily, Selena, etc
  6. K

    Review: BSC - Suzie

    Well she did for me. I was kinda insistent about it Cause it gets me geared up for the rest. And she seemed to enjoy it. So you know YMMV. But yeah, in the future I won't talk her down. She was very sweet and accommodating.
  7. K

    Review: BSC - Suzie

    Title: Review: BSC - Suzie Date: Aug 3, 2022 Phone: google City: Belleville State: NJ Location: Across from the baseball field Age Estimate: 30-35 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Brazilian blonde, tight body, D mms with a nice tight v Private Details: Called BSC on a Tuesday...
  8. K

    Review: Biancas Valentina

    Trying to see her but I don't think she works with Bianca anymore. Anyone have her contact info?
  9. K

    Review: BSC - Suzy

    What's the total rates for this place? I'm going over tomorrow for my first go (anywhere besides in the DR).
  10. K

    Bianca’s Paramus location

    Is there a phone # to text for daily lineup? Trying to get over there today.