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    Review: Top K Girls - Apple

    is it similar to this pose except with knees bent?
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    Apple @ TKG

    at gfei now
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    VF Abbie all booked up first day

    is this the same abbie that used to be at bgc and SA? the height and measurements seem about the same
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    Stella-FCG Intel?

    she was maya and isabella before at BGC in her previous trip
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    Kassie in SouthBay

    she is not on the website anymore?
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    Kira or Gia 650-458-1865 (primary line) 650-887-7268 (backup)
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    Cassie at FCG

    Her pictures look familiar? Was she at LKS before?
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    Sweet Boba time 650-458-1865 650-887-7268
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    Review: Angie FCG

    Title: Review: Angie FCG Date: May 8, 2022 Phone: 6505548414 City: Foster City State: CA Location: Foster City Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: f6-b6-s9-a8 hair light brown, not black in pictures Private Details: 260 in damages. standard intro - blue toast...
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    Sweet Boba time

    website works for me. did you try texting both their numbers?
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    Help! Where’s my ATF Pink?

    i think she went to dallas -
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    ? Where did KGalaxy Jessie go?

    she went to LA -
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    Review: Jessie-KGG

    she's gone for now. don't know if she's coming back yet.
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    Review: LSC - Jella

    sometimes, in my personal experience, the early shower is to wash off the squirts but round 2 is still on the table if you're up for it. YMMV
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    411 on Love BGC?

    what names did she go by before at BGC and Viola?
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    FCG Ria

    thanks for the intel. i thought it might have been ava before they recently updated the pix on FCG of Ria but it looks like ava is in seattle
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    JJ at VF

    for the new girl, JJ at VF, my eyes are not as good as before at spotting these things but is her face photoshopped onto the rest of the picture? anyone got any intel on her?
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    Review: Zuri - whole package, good measure of GFE

    blackheads would probably be a better description; i had the same experience but forgot to account for that during my review -,Blackheads%20aren't%20pimples.
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    411 bgc jenna

    this is what i've read so far on this forum but i haven't been able to personally verify since i haven't seen jenna/aspyn/dior before
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    411 bgc jenna

    supposedly she was also aspyn or dior from previous visits here before so you can try searching for those reviews too