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    Tanned Asian

    Great thread. Victoria H is definitely not tan or as tan I like. I've been meaning to check out Iris. Bin is definitely tan. I'll check out the details on July and Natsu.
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    Anyone else think doubles aren't as good as they sound?

    They were totally fine with just pleasing me. It was my inner guilt that led me away from just relaxing and enjoying it all.
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    Anyone else think doubles aren't as good as they sound?

    There's an episode of Seinfeld when Jerry discovers he has a chance at a menage a trois and declares "But I'm not an orgy kind of guy." That's me. I set up a double and at moments it was as great I imagined but then the novelty wore off and I felt pressure to please both of the participants and...
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    Review: Leyla - ORMCH

    I had a similar experience with her. She seemed to offer a lot for the basic rate. Thanks for the review.
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    Review: Iris at The Rest and Relax

    Great review. She sounds right up my alley based on your physical description.
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    Review: NAYA No.1 MSG

    Stacy wears glasses, has an average body, dark curly hair, but is very nice. She is more shy, whereas Naya will go all out to please.Better body than Naya, but not notable either. This place in my opinion has very poor overall talent, but the prices the match.
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    Review: NAYA No.1 MSG

    I believe the fake butt, fake top woman is named Mia. I am not a fan. Naya is not very attractive but she aims to please. Stacy there is more attractive but has more limits.
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    Review: VIP Yu Hee is the Real Deal

    Great review as usual. I appreciate every member who has reviewed her thus far. The details allow me to put together my own thoughts on whether or not to see her. I do miss GGS Chanel though!
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    Review: Yu-Hee @ NYCVIPSPOT (Bombshell)

    Great review. The comparison notes are especially helpful as I have seen 2 of the 3 others you mention.
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    Increased quality !?

    To the OP. What establishments have you noticed this increase in quality? I'm always looking for quality over quantity and have been burned with fake pics.
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    Unexpected Eye Candy

    I just went to Hawaii for vacation. I must say the current trend for bikinis is basically a thong to some degree or another. I saw some really nice asses all over the place in all sorts of shapes and size. It was a nice. Probably the same for any popular beach vacation spot right now.
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    Review: Happiness - Yuna

    Title: Review: Happiness - Yuna Date: Jun 27, 2022 Phone: 808-205-4230 City: Honolulu State: HI Location: near Convention Center Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: thin, tan, blonde Private Details: I hit my usual vacation spot for some fun. Paid MMS house fee...
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    Review: Adriana ORMCH

    To everyone who asked about pricing, it does depend on the girl's personal offerings. It is, on paper, pricey, but as I indicated in my review, the duration, quality and offerings fit with my lifestyle and, of course, may not be inline with yours.
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    Review: Adriana ORMCH

    Title: Review: Adriana ORMCH Date: May 31, 2022 Phone: 917-208-8721 City: New York State: New York Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: Tall and lean Private Details: I was really happy with my first visit with Only Real Men Can Handle with Leyla. Easy communication...
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    Review: Nicol - ORMCH

    Thanks for TOFTT and reporting back.
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    Review: Leyla ORMCH

    Title: Review: Leyla ORMCH Date: May 16, 2022 Phone: 917-208-8721 City: New York State: New York Location: midtown east Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Cute, fit, juicy Private Details: I finally made my first visit to Only Real Men Can Handle and I've...
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    Welcome to the NYC Loop

    To clarify, I much prefer driving in for the reasons stated above. It does largely depend on where in NJ the OP is coming from, but I was being cognizant of his strict time constraints, thus my recommendation for public transit. If I am driving, I much prefer non rush hour commute times.
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    Welcome to the NYC Loop

    Park in Jersey City and either take the PATH train from WTC or to 34th Street (two different lines) and transferring to subway. It really depends on where your destination will be. You can drive in but parking in Manhattan can be a significant cost. Time savings guarantee is worth taking the PATH.
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    Welcome to the NYC Loop

    It's most important to make sure you are not hitting tunnel traffic at peak hours. This is a major factor, I'd even consider parking in Jersey and taking the PATH train in to guarantee not having traffic mess up your plans.
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    Review: Surprisingly Great Mileage with Krackling KG Kutie Kora

    Great review as always, Judge. I wasn't interested and now I am.