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    Advice on an Independent

    If she is Russian origin, you will definitely loose your money and more. I can’t believe people still believe in those rip-offs .
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    Bengali/Indian Girl

    Really? Probably ask for donation in advance and that will be it . I talking from my dealings with some of these advertisers. Any way good luck.
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    Bengali/Indian Girl

    KOP , I had one for almost 6 months, she was on short time assignment and from Bangalore. She loved to gamble and we spent almost all weekends in Atlantic City. She returned to India beginning of 2020 , just before Covid crisis. Hopefully she is okay, most probably got married and settled over...
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    Review: BW - Angela

    Angela , Japanese? I was with her more than two dozen treatments, never told me … Is she still smokes?
  5. V

    Review: Blue Wave - Angela

    There is no Angela there now.
  6. V

    Review: Alexis- Russian girls in Conshohocken

    As long as they have customers, willing to pay top dollars for bull shit service this will continue.
  7. V

    European Spa

    It’s a shame people still go to scammers.
  8. V

    Review: Golden Seven Spa - Olivia

    I thought they were closed….
  9. V

    Review: Dream Spa: did not get her name

    How do you feel about a big rat run between your legs? They had an issue with the ground floor restroom and told me to use the upstairs one. I mighty rat gave me a real surprise as soon as I walked in to the bathroom.
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    general question no names for dealing with change in provider behaviour

    Forget the DFK, maybe she wants you to speak Greek to her.
  11. V

    Annual Budget

    This year I am marking as one of the lowest I spend on this hobby, getting older and a whole lot less libido. Income didn’t decrease, but surely the expenses went way up, air tickets, hotel room’s to dinners and bar service. Any way I am glad I am just under 25k , one of the lowest in recent times .
  12. V

    European wellness spa

    I went to almost same neighborhood and met by a very attractive young lady, paid the HF but the girl insisted on getting the tip upfront, so I am down 2.6 . Walked me to the massage room told me to get ready . I was laying face down probably around 10 , 15 minutes, a very heavy set close to 300...
  13. V

    European wellness spa

    Some times, you have to take a chance, but knowing you going to get fleeced , it’s a no no unless something positive posted by a reputed member. I mean not a paid promoter or self promotion.
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    Greek/Backdoor AMP or Escort options?

    I wish I knew.
  15. V

    Review: Dream Spa--Cici

    Not a dream spa for me . More of a nightmare spa. They bite more than they can chew. Last month I was there a few times, and always a way subpar experience. Why do I go back? The neighboring Karla and Bubbly is even worse. I will be back to the area after Newyear’s . Is this the same cici was...
  16. V

    Greek/Backdoor AMP or Escort options?

    South Philly, Washington avenue, many times. Not in service now.
  17. V

    European wellness spa

    I can’t believe people still think they will get something positive in these joints. I did loose some cash in one of them far northeast place. But last I heard after fleecing lot of unsuspecting customers they moved to somewhere in NJ.
  18. V

    Review: Visit to Sun Spa Ford Rd

    Very little cute? You mean Ugly or she is a little one and she is cute?
  19. V

    Phoenix Arizona recommendations.

    In Phoenix Arizona for a month, any and all recommendations appreciated.
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    Invitation to visit her in Flushing

    Taking, chances sometimes reward you well. Almost ten years ago, I had one of the best experience’s at a Delaware spa although now defunct that was strictly therapeutic , nothing extra not even DIY. Anyway I liked one masseuse very attractive, attentive and visited her multiple times in a few...