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Recent content by Uniquelyme

  1. Uniquelyme

    Review: Hot Russians - Madina

    I see this type of comment often. Start fucking more attractive Women consistently and or just practice holding it and not releasing so fast. I've never ever busted quick with a pro. Unless I wanted to.
  2. Uniquelyme

    Latinas in Midtown East

    Keep it 1000% pokler aka t-bird lol I think this is you. If not my apologies. Compare Fiorellas girls to IG girls. Who has a prettier selection most times?
  3. Uniquelyme

    Heads up about the 2 Asians at DONY

    Nah I don't think you're defending him. How one person treats his workers/partners isn't essentially how he will treat his patrons. I'm just saying it's petty to put that on his site. He's done that several times. Just putting shit out on front street. I will say he keeps the same energy...
  4. Uniquelyme

    Heads up about the 2 Asians at DONY

    Lol I'm telling you that dude is petty.
  5. Uniquelyme

    Heads up about the 2 Asians at DONY

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:how you know she was recently fired??
  6. Uniquelyme

    Review: Gabby - Midtown

    "but I need to catch an itch"-LoneWolf98 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  7. Uniquelyme

    Review: SKY@ goodgirlspa Now THIS is what a 22yr fresh Korean babe looks like

    Damn dogs you should write her ad. I like what she's offering!!
  8. Uniquelyme

    Anybody here pierced?

    Your a brave fucker to say the least. Ain't no one piercing my meat
  9. Uniquelyme

    Review: Stacy - GGR/PH (Yes, Stacy formerly of NYAW)

    Lotta dudes have been going to PH I would imagine for yrs.
  10. Uniquelyme

    Review: Asian-Sensation - Mary

    Text them. If they don't respond after a few days text them again. Be courteous in your texts. Offer references.
  11. Uniquelyme

    Latinas in Midtown East

    They have a screening process. Email Jessyca for that info. She's on Tnaboard email her there or find her email.
  12. Uniquelyme

    Latinas in Midtown East

    Blues is hit or miss. From reliable sources. Go with IG international Godesses. Thank me later (y)
  13. Uniquelyme

    Bbj in flushing

    Read reviews or at least throw it in private discussions forum.
  14. Uniquelyme

    Review: Casa de Muñecas

    Over the phone or in person when u went?? Are u caucasian, hispanic, black, other?? Did they say why they rejected you?
  15. Uniquelyme

    Review: Casa de Muñecas

    Drop that review. Even brief so you can talk about cost and other specifics. Curious if truly DH. While I'm not a fan whatsoever they do serve a purpose.