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Recent content by Tiderunner

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    Review: Rising Sun Spa

    Yep I was thinking the samething.
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    Review: Rising Sun Spa

    Yep hardcore makes you wear the mask the whole time.
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    Review: Rising Sun Spa

    Title: Review: Rising Sun Spa Date: Jul 5, 2020 Phone: 609-613-7171 City: East Windsor State: NJ Location: Abbington Dr. Age Estimate: 46.5 yrs old Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Hanna; moderately attractive minus the mask and face shield. Nice B’s and typical Asian ass...
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    Review: Bay Ave Spa

    I’m not that strong
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    Review: Bay Ave Spa

    Yes unfortunately hahaha
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    Review: Bay Ave Spa

    I know right! I was excited when I heard a new name, Completely disappointed.
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    Review: Bay Ave Spa

    Title: Review: Bay Ave Spa Date: Jul 1, 2020 Phone: 609-549-6838 City: Manahawkin State: NJ Location: 657 E. Bay Ave., Unit 13 Age Estimate: 45+ Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Nana is Large and in charge. Floppy boobs and a large belly. Private Details: Decided to give bay...
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    Review: Rosemary

    Title: Review: Rosemary Date: May 1, 2020 Phone: 609-437-5472 City: Brigantine State: NJ Location: Her house Age Estimate: 58 Nationality: Caucasian Physical Description: Older lady, saggy top nothing special Private Details: Rosemary is a nice lady, you will probably feel bad for her...
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    Review: Euphoric bodywork

    Douche move bro, that's not cool! We all know she's got issues and people have completely different experiences with her basically every time they go but she doesn't deserve that. This site never ceases to amaze me.
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    Indepedent provider?

    I would say no. She's not very attractive IMHO, but some people like her.
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    Review: Revitalization Center - Lena

    Anyone know if Jessica is still in business working anywhere? PM's if possible
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    UTR Russian Massage?

    Also interested in high end manhattan spots. PM requested if any has info. Thanks!
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    Review: New Star -Jay

    Large natural tits, moderately attractive with an athletic frame. Definitely could use a year or two of crest white strips all at once.
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    Review: New Star -Jay

    Large natural tits, moderately attractive with an athletic frame. Definitely could use a year or two of crest white strips all at once.
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    Review: Health Care Massage Therapy

    Dbomb, I understand what you and vet were saying no worries! That’s why I went and posted my review yesterday name included. If your close to there it’s worth a try. I wouldn’t drive too far out of your way. PM me after you go I’m interested to hear your thoughts.