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Recent content by TenSleep

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    LSC rate increase

    No. Ask the PO. I wish you good luck with your request. Sometimes you have to add the correct punctuation to make sense of what somebody is trying to say.
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    Adultlook...what’s the deal?

    Ironically, the main reason I got into hobbying was so that I wouldn't have to settle for old, thick women. I would rather pay for hot, than get not hot for free. I got to 50 and realized the days of being able to get a hot, 25 year old even remotely interested in me were over, (not rich...
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    Girls who allow COF

    "the fact that I can get quality pussy for free in the comfort of my home too." There's probably more to that than the statement indicates, but I've never figured out why somebody would drive someplace else (especially with the price of gas recently) and willingly pay $260 or so when they...
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    411 on irene kgg

    Thanks for the link. I had not seen that specific review. Lots to get through on this site for an occasional visitor.
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    411 on irene kgg

    How wide are her hips in relation to her waist? I hate big, wide, breeder hips. What one guy describes as a bubble butt might be truly a fat ass to me. I'm just going by what I've seen other guys describe as curvy. Most of the time, when another guy sees and describes somebody as curvy, I...
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    411 on irene kgg

    Unfortunately, when somebody is described as curvy, I assume that she's fat or at the very least, kinda chubby. I base that on the fact that, much of America seems to be a lot more comfortable with being overweight (having some meat on the bones). For example, I'm 15 pounds overweight and...
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    SA New Arrivals Part 2

    Sounds like that SA PO was completely aware of the photo's in the ad being inaccurate.
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    SA New Arrivals Part 2

    Which one? Or have you done both?
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    SA New Arrivals Part 2

    Has anybody actually texted an org and mentioned "I'd like to make an appointment with Girl A, but the pictures of her on your site are actually a IG Model named B, so could you send me a real picture of A before I commit?". I can imagine how that might go, but I'd be curious if anybody has...
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    Review: Lina @kgalaxy

    I enjoyed my visit with her back in August. My only disappointment was that she definitely did not want FIV.
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    411 on kgalaxygirls

    In my review in August, I put down 30. When we started, I thought she could pass for 27ish, but as the session when on, I started thinking early 30's. The thing is, she didn't look way older than 30 (I always fear that they'll claim 20's or early 30's and end up being in their 40's.) I would...
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    How do the real service queens keep up the pace?

    I don't think anybody relishes doing the deed with somebody who's 20+ years older than they are and 40 pounds overweight. Unless you absolutely have a thing for older, overweight, not attractive, ect. types. I also wonder what percentage of these women are actually fully booked for 9-10...
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    Review: Lina @Galaxy

    I I saw her in Aug. and she led me to the shower. Hour long appointment. Had a very good time. Unlike the guy on the above review, there was no FIV. Only allowed FOV, though my nails were cut, clean and filed down earlier that morning.
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    Any K-MILFs / K-GILFs on peninsula?

    In looking through the reviews over the past 2 months, It looks like about 50%, maybe more of the K-org choices are at least 35 years old. Depending on the age of the monger (realizing that the older you are, the younger they look. Most of my friends over 50 think that every woman under 30...
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    Body rating

    Yeah, if somebody were able to report that this girl or that looked pretty close to those two, and I could believe they weren't just looking though rose-colored glasses, that would be very helpful. Even if that was a negative for them as in "Yeah, she was way too skinny for me, had a body...