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    Review: PP/WSD Tadai kicked my ass

    Ah yes I did exactly that (switched giver and receiver). My mistake—apologies Kraven
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    Review: PP/WSD Tadai kicked my ass

    I'll not give away details, but please never do the thing you did that took her by surprise without asking. A lot of people don't know how to do that safely and correctly. Then the girls get triggered and quit before their time.
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    Review: FlushingIncall - Jia Jia

    it's in the details
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    Review: Parker’s Angels - Bambi

    Flatbush Ave is very long...
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    Review: Sia - BBY - A Bizarre Experience

    Why is the woman the bad guy in both scenarios? Maybe you're just from an older generation, but this is not my lived experience nor that of my friends who are married.
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    Review: Sia - BBY - A Bizarre Experience

    That is sexist and generalizing as hell. Plenty of happy marriages out there (intentionally) without kids. Plenty of happy marriages out there in which both partners contribute equitably to finances (including a mortage)
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    Review: Sia - BBY - A Bizarre Experience

    What glowing reviews on here are you talking about? Almost every review I've seen of her has a "No" recommendation
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    SA I wanted to ask you guys your experience

    "the bad one"? Sounds like a fabrication.
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    How "real" are DDY online pix?

    Bodies are often quite accurate. Faces, not as much. Usually it’s that the faces are a bit older, or not quite the same shape.
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    Tanned Asian

    Of course there is Wi-Fi. They just aren’t sharing it out with you.
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    Happy Ending for Women

    Yoni is tantra speak for vagina. So yeah, it would have been called a yoni massage.