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Recent content by Shibboleth

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    Review: Anyone have a Paizuri review in Dallas?
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    Is Private access the only way to see full reviews now?

    It used to be that if you contributed reviews you had access to see reviews. Did this change?
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    Any in Sachse or Wylie?

    you need to go into Plano or Garland. nothing really in Wylie/Sachse
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    Review: Pinky at Red Rose Spa

    after all that why a "no" recommendation? what was the damage?
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    Review: Both are GOOD

    what is the damage?
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    Review: Nana at Lovely Angels

    Can you PM the guest password for the site?
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    Review: Plano Mapleshade with Sophia

    whats the damage at Michiko?
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    Review: Lani at Asian Stars

    phone number or any contact info anyone can provide?
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    Review: Plano Mapleshade with Sophia

    Is Mapleshade still closed? If so is there another shop similar?
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    Any good ones near north Plano/Allen/McKinney area?

    Go to the corner of Stacey rd and Angel pkwy. It’s the only one right there
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    Any good ones near north Plano/Allen/McKinney area?

    Stacey Roland and Angel has an awesome one
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    Review: Plano Mapleshade with Sophia

    Illusion of Passion
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    Review: Leslie Loves/Leah

    Rub ratings
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    Dallas Strip clubs

    Hands down Baby Dolls - most talent and you don’t even need a VIP room to get crazy. I haven’t been since CoVid started but this place was one of the best in the nation
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    Review: Tiffany Relax Spa Plano

    Who did you see?