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Recent content by schweppes

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    Review: Cute Evie from Vtbodywork Wow she looks like a total babe. Pictures real?
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    Cannabis massage

    Why is CBD oil a huge waste?
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    Cannabis massage

    Yes - to be clear, everyone, I was referring to providers using CBD oil. I’ve had edibles before sessions or smoked etc done all that. I’m curious about providers using CBD oil rather than the usual massage oils. Has anyone met a provider who does that?
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    Cannabis massage

    Had anyone tried this - legit spa or otherwise? I’ve heard it’s quite relaxing. Does anyone know a provider who uses it? I think it would be a great way for an indie provider to create an audience…
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    Becoming a masseuse to massage hot girls

    I’ve considered doing this as a private side hobby to make extra cash. I’m a talented self-taught masseur, as my past lovers and some friends have told me over the years. How would one get started, and how could they remain under the radar?
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    Review: Lady Spellbound

    How fit was she? Could anyone compare her to Jessica from ormch?
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    Who was your first provider?

    Wow…wonder if they still do this in the recent past? Or at spa 88 in Fidi?
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    Review: 41 Spa - Arie!

    This is great news. I hadn’t seen her in a while because I didn’t like the peach spa facilities. A little too grody and smelly for my taste. I prefer it to at least be a little nice to see a woman like Arie. Sounds like these facilities are fairly nice? How do they compare to the other popular amps?
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    Review: Upscale Bodyrub - Aubrey

    Whoa she looks smoking. Pictures accurate? How’s her face?
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    Anyone got tips/recs in Milwaukee for spas/indies/strip clubs/meals/memorable experiences?
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    Anyone got tips/recs in Milwaukee for spas/indies/strip clubs/meals/memorable experiences?
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    Review: Anna (Independent)

    Darn. I’m glad you posted this. I was considering contacting her. Was she really beautiful? Photos accurate? She didn’t even offer to go nude for more $?
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    Sexiest girl with natural double D's?

    Anyone seen her lately? Curious what shape she’s in. Might have to toftt
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    Review: Jessica - ORMCH

    Thanks for the honesty