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    Review: Engineer Massage - Couldn't get past the door

    Title: Review: Engineer Massage - Couldn't get past the door Date: Feb 24, 2021 Phone: 858-226-3533 City: San Diego State: CA Location: Dagget and Mercury Age Estimate: Didn't get to see her Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Didn't get to see her Private Details: In a derelict...
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    Review: Jenny (maybe Ginny) - Massage Body Care

    Title: Review: Jenny (maybe Ginny) - Massage Body Care Date: Feb 26, 2021 Phone: 858-292-6956 City: San Diego State: CA Location: Convoy & Balboa Age Estimate: 40-ish Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: No spinner but fairly fit; attractive. Private Details: First AMP visit in a...
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    Review: Sara NYAW

    Thanks. Yes. No clue about today but I always found her excellent at AL. Professional and attentive.
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    Review: Sara NYAW

    Is the Cindy you mention that was MMS at GFE Allstars the same Cindy that's now (or until recently was) at AL?
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    Review: Momo - AL

    Have her peg it to GDP!
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    J.Crew, Neiman Marcus ... and DONY??

    Bold, definitive scientific claim. We'll see.
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    Given everything going on...would you?

    Unfortunately, it might turn out to be literally be your "one last romp".
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    Reminiscing. Anyone remember...?

    Yes. Add me to the list for her handle!!
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    Reminiscing. Anyone remember...?

    I miss ST! Remember Silver well. She was great. Roxy & Jessie were also excellent.
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    Bets on how SOON we get back to “normal?”

    It has no bearing on when things will be back to some sort of "normal", however we may choose to define that, but just as an interesting point of reference: exactly 31 days ago, the president of the United States was still calling coronavirus "a hoax".
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    Review: "Famous Rachel" at AMS

    Or maybe just the foolish? Nobody is invincible in this situation.
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    Review: Rebecca at AL

    Title: Review: Rebecca at AL Date: Feb 20, 2020 Phone: 646-578-2778 City: New York State: NY Location: 40th near 7th Age Estimate: Early 30s (says she's younger) Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Cute spinner Private Details: Needed a fun hour and was looking at the AL roster...
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    February's Top K Providers NYC

    Ah. Found her listed at Aqua Blue Spa. Thanks.
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    Review: Aqua Spa - Lexi

    Would you know if this Lexi is the former Jesse at Silk Tigers in Manhattan? Probably 5'5' or 5'6"; (then had) shoulder length hair; probably mid-30s? Very calm, mature demeanor.
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    February's Top K Providers NYC

    TBG - Many thanks!! Do you know the name of the spa?