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Recent content by Johnwatson3141980

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    Review: JVS - Tara

    I believe that’s her based on three things noticed in the photos.
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    Review: JVS - Tara

    Yes, she is from Argentina, and I would describe her physical description as short, athletic but voluptuous, tight, but soft, and all together quite fucking perfect.
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    Review: JVS - Tara

    Title: Review: JVS - Tara Date: Jan 7, 2021 Phone: 732-828-5871 City: Somerset State: NJ Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Absolutely beautiful face, petite yet curvy body... Private Details: Jjj has another gem with Tara. I actually considered not writing this...
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    Indy Jenna Jaymes

    She actually ONLY does FS if it’s BB. I texted with her for a while, then she told mer her fees and her demands...which ended the conversation
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    Review: Mekar - Kiki

    Title: Review: Mekar - Kiki Date: Dec 1, 2020 Phone: 856-842-7263 City: Mt Laurel State: NJ Location: House Age Estimate: 30s? Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite, pretty Private Details: After reading so many glowing reviews about Kiki at Mekar, I had to check it out for...
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    Review: Luxury

    I think he saw Fayke Revue to get premium...
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    Review: CJ Therapy Candy

    Title: Review: CJ Therapy Candy Date: Oct 19, 2020 Phone: 856-831-3632 City: Pennsville State: NJ Location: Broadway Age Estimate: 40s+++ Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Eehhh... Private Details: After all of the positive reviews on here of some of the reliable older talent at...
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    Review: Mt Laurel Asians

    Title: Review: Mt Laurel Asians Date: Oct 13, 2020 Phone: City: Mt Laurel State: NJ Location: Off 73 and Fellowship Age Estimate: 40s and 50s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Ugh...not good Private Details: So I saw a review of these to a while ago, we are one guy was able to...
  9. J

    Midget Provider

    I love the reference, but he said, “I’m club fuckin footed, you ass-wipe!”
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    Review: 47Accupressure - Sunny

    Title: Review: 47Accupressure - Sunny Date: Aug 25, 2020 Phone: 3100 City: Westville State: NJ Location: Delsea Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Perfect Private Details: Wow. As others have mentioned on here, Sunny is VERY beautiful. Her chest looks real at...
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    Review: Acupressure 38

    Title: Review: Acupressure 38 Date: Jul 10, 2020 Phone: City: Hainsport State: NJ Location: Hainsport Age Estimate: OLD Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Ehhh... Private Details: A recent review prompted me to post a very similar experience. I was looking to try a new place...
  12. J

    Review: Toni - Young and beautiful (DDD)

    Definitely sounds like Maya, except for the “She looks to be about late 20s mid-30s”... at least with the lights on...
  13. J

    Review: Saigon

    Title: Review: Saigon Date: May 29, 2020 Phone: No need City: Philly State: PA Location: Chinatown Age Estimate: Late 20s Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Tiny, little bit of a gut... Private Details: I was looking to get some time with a girl that would actually be okay to...
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    Review: Candy at Golden

    Title: Review: Candy at Golden Date: Feb 10, 2020 Phone: All Over City: EHT State: NJ Location: Main Road Age Estimate: 50++ Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Old Private Details: I’ve read so many glowing reviews about Candy’s bbbj skills I had to see her for myself. Didn’t...