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  • hey Jakob, Im a fan of your reviews. I'm new to AMP, got stuck while texted to several numbers in DE like Blue Wave, JJ's, etc., is it normal that I haven't get responses for several days? Do they need somelike screening or just I asked stupid questions.....(I basicly asked if avail for xxx time), or they are too busy to answer new client?
    Also, you should never mention services (other than massage) in a call, just day/time and provider name.
    You can ask who is working on a particular day, and it's helpful to leave your monger name (i.e., not your real name) so they can confirm you when you arrive.
    Business is slow industry-wide these days, so they should welcome all clients, old and new.
    I've given up trying to understand how they work!!
    I just keep trying until I get through.
    It can be that there's only one girl on duty and she is "busy", and no separate scheduler.
    I've found the best response rate between 5 min of the hour and 5 min past.
    gocha, appreciate it
    Hey, Jakob. Been a fan of your reviews, thank you. My office is close to Rainbow Spa 7. Sounds like you are a regular there. Sounds like extras are available, just confirming. If you can. Damage in general seems to be increasing overall at all places. What's the HF and typical tip? Thanks, Joe
    Thanks, and sorry I didn't see this earlier!
    The only extras at Rainbow Seven are HJ and OTC touching, sometimes UTC touching. HF is $60/hr and $100/90 min, and I usually tip $80.
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