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Recent content by EPAS-NJ

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    Review: Maya @ New Century

    Title: Review: Maya @ New Century Date: Sep 6, 2021 Phone: 215-773-9900 City: Warminster State: PA Location: Near Intersection of Street & Newtown Road Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Well toned body; long hair sexy/sultry face Private Details: Made a spur of...
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    Review: Evergreen: Coffee

    Thanks for the review. Might have to stick with Nicole until Sandy returns.
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    Review: Nicole @ Evergreen

    Title: Review: Nicole @ Evergreen Date: Aug 21, 2021 Phone: 215 822 8808 City: Hatfield State: PA Location: 309 South - near Zoto's Age Estimate: 30 ish Nationality: Korean Physical Description: spinner Private Details: Evergreen continues to bring in talent that is, in my opinion...
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    Review: Evergreen: Nicole

    So. Met Nicole today and it was worth the price of admission - review to come. OP was not kidding when he mentioned the squeaking, creaking table! Christ, was that loud!
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    Review: Oriental Massage - Marathon

    Title: Review: Oriental Massage - Marathon Date: Jul 20, 2021 Phone: 305-993-8350 City: Marathon State: FL Location: 7885 Overseas Hwy Age Estimate: 40(ish) Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5’5 athletic. Very nice full C cups (that remained covered) Private Details: Two options...
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    AMPs in the Florida Keys?

    This clearly fall in the “other areas” portion of this discussion, but I am wondering if my fellow philly-burb mongers might have some intel on asian massage in the Keys - specifically Islamorada and Marathon. Seem to be some establishments, but I would be annoyed if only offered therapeutic...
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    Review: Evergreen - Sandy

    Nice review and welcome to the Sandy fan club!
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    Review: Sandy is back from vacation - Evergreen

    Title: Review: Sandy is back from vacation - Evergreen Date: Jun 18, 2021 Phone: 12158228808 City: Hatfield State: PA Location: 309 South near County Line Road Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'2" - perfect bikini bod Private Details: Sandy is my ATF and my...
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    Review: Sarah 19yo Indy

    Came right up for me. Link to Ter and multiple contact options.
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    Review: Suzy @ Chalfont Relax

    Title: Review: Suzy @ Chalfont Relax Date: Jun 9, 2021 Phone: 267-897-1700 City: Chalfont State: PA Location: Next to a cleaner Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'2, 115 fighting gravity Private Details: Overall a nice time. I haven't been to this place...
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    Review: Anna @ Evergreen

    I will make it a point to give it a try!
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    Review: Anna @ Evergreen

    Mask to enter the establishment. Temp check and hand sanitizer. Mask came off in the room.
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    Truck stop?!

    I used to have an indy acquaintance that I would meet from time to time. She told me about some of her adventures - not at truck stops, but at the rest stop on 95 just past the NJ/PA border. No idea what happened to her, but she was hot. I think about her most every time I pass that rest area!
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    Review: Anna @ Evergreen

    Title: Review: Anna @ Evergreen Date: Jun 1, 2021 Phone: 2158228808 City: Hatfield State: PA Location: 309 South near County Line Road Age Estimate: 30s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5'3, 110, medium length hair, perky Private Details: Anna may be the new anchor here. Sandy...