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Recent content by effex662

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    Review: Jackie - Nancy Bee (Palo Alto)

    haha I never would have known. I used to get haircuts here wayy back in the day. didn't know they had an upstairs!
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    NancyBee Spa in Palo Alto

    would love to know. I used to get haircuts from Nancy like 8 years ago, she's a Viet MILF
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    NancyBee Spa in Palo Alto

    I used to get haircuts there lol. I really don't think there are extras there but am curious.
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    maybe once a month
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    AMP Shooting in Georgia

    Careful out there..
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    Review: Sun Spa - May

    Title: Review: Sun Spa - May Date: Feb 27, 2021 Phone: City: Philadelphia State: Pennsylvania Location: Race St Age Estimate: 50 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Nice tits, really juicy nipples that were great to suck on. GILF vibes. Private Details: I visited Sun Spa today and MMS said...
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    Review: EPM Dash (no tagline)

    I would like to meat her
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    Review: Sun Spa - Sunny

    Yoko is definitely on my list!
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    Review: Sun Spa - Sunny

    Title: Review: Sun Spa - Sunny Date: Jan 23, 2021 Phone: (267) 761-5568 City: Philadelphia State: Pennsylvania Age Estimate: 40 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Really nice fake tits, not much booty. Pretty face and MILF vibe Private Details: Saw Sunny at Sun Spa recently...