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Recent content by doug2352

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    She new?

    That one picture she looks really big.
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    Review: Another great visit with AllThatJazz

    She is coming back to SJ next week.
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    Review: Le Docteur Pat deuxième partie

    Her reviews are getting more interesting. I might have to try.
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    A question about burner phone numbers

    I use Cover Me App. Only problem is it gets billed every 6 months on our Apple Acct and wifey wants to know what this is.
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    Started my own company 25 years ago and things have luckily gone exceptionally well. Have a nice monthly residual income. My problem is getting the time to get away to play. Before COVID I was out meeting with clients. Now staying in the office.
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    Apple Spa

    Luvensmall, you scared us
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    Review: True Balance Amanda

    I went early morning during the week.
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    Apple Spa

    That would be a major loss.
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    amp reviews

    Don’t think that would be smart.
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    Enhancement pills

    I don't get any after effects, been using both V and C for years. I go down after a release. i am in late 60's.
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    Review: True Balance with Amanda

    She is cute. Just hate that she keeps the mask on.
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    Review: True Balance with Amanda

    Title: Review: True Balance with Amanda Date: Jul 22, 2020 Phone: City: Mt Laurel State: NJ Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: cute slim A+ cup Private Details: I am not going to go into much detail with this since I already responded to devilsfan review. I went...
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    Review: DR PAT

    She has so many mixed reviews I don’t know if I should try her. Your sounds good.
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    Review: TS Barbi Bimbo

    Is this something that guys are interested in? Sounds nauseating.
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    Enhancement pills

    Just use