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Recent content by DMC

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    Review: Wellness Emma

    I heard Hannah was good
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    Review: Yumi- Heaven Spa

    I have not seen Anna
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    Review: Azure Sky

    What size tits giving a guess? I don’t want to make a drive for b cups
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    Review: HT Rainbow Seven

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    Review: Yumi- Heaven Spa

    Title: Review: Yumi- Heaven Spa Date: Jul 23, 2022 Location: Elkton, MD Phone: tel:718-791-0755 City: Elkton State: MD Age Estimate: 35 Physical Description: Average Private Details: was late. I had left a message on the phone and Yumi called me back and asked if I still had time to come...
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    Review: Oriental Bodyworks

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    Review: BoBo- Wellness Spa

    She was upselling
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    Review: BoBo- Wellness Spa

    She is new. CiCi gone
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    Review: BoBo- Wellness Spa

    Title: Review: BoBo- Wellness Spa Date: Jul 8, 2022 Location: Elkton, Rd Phone: 4439073888 City: Elkton State: MD Age Estimate: 30 Physical Description: Thick. Private Details: Bobo came to town today. MMS texted me and said she is my type. Very pretty great smile and girlish giggle...
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    Review: New talent at Wellness in Elkton

    Natural big boobs?
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    Review: Wellness Spa - Apple

    They usually switch first week of new month
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    Review: Wellness Spa - Apple

    I love reading these. It’s like a Harlequin Romance. Lol Taupe?
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    Review: Haircut and Massage in Dover, De!

    This was 2021?
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    Review: Drained at Wellness in Elkton

    Agree totally!