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Recent content by Dennis46

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    Review: Ocean Day Spa- Yoko

    No table shower here. Wrong place
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    Review: Ohio - Columbus - Wellness Comfort Zone

    I will be there in two weeks too.
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    Review: G.L. mssage , Lucy

    Where did she go? I’ve been missing her.
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    Review: Nice time at Lisa’s spa

    Keep all the noise down. We don’t want this level of service to be going again
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    Review: Relaxing Oasis

    Address please. Can’t find on Google
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    Review: New Cindy Spa - Coco

    People cry always say Harrisburg is dead. Now you see why!Here’s why, to much info. Dam
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    Review: New Essence Spa -Lucy

    It’s the same girl
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    Review: Review - Golden Spa - Angie

    I like her tattoo
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    Review: Dream Day Spa Jennifer

    Table shower?
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    Review: Luck Spa

    Her name?
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    Review: Lily spa

    Title: Review: Lily spa Date: May 5, 2021 Phone: City: Lemoye pa State: Pa Age Estimate: 32 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Thin, pretty Private Details: I went on a rainy day. My back was killing me. So I got Lisa. She is so pretty, and nice. She walked on my back for 15...