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Recent content by darkwingbuck

  1. darkwingbuck

    Review: Miko SKS Big Boobs

    Miko is in LA as Remi, so no.
  2. darkwingbuck

    Look for recommendations for fit build K-Girls

    Hanna is kind of a tall, big girl. I don't think her ass is top notch. It's solid but I didn't think it was amazing or anything. Teeth a bit off. Tbh Hanna is all about attitude. When she's on, it's a real good sesh. If she's off or shes tired, service or looks can't carry her as they're both...
  3. darkwingbuck

    Review: Celine - CA Just putting it out here for context.
  4. darkwingbuck

    Appreciate the honesty on ad/stats

    Korgs should really take note. And it doesn't have to be face, having a realistic expectation of body goes a long fucking way. These motel corgs, I see real, imperfect human beinga on pic and can make an informed decision. In most korgs I see dolled up photoshop models who don't look like...
  5. darkwingbuck

    What can I get in LA that I can’t in the Bay Area?

    Hey I'm just telling you where the discussion is. For a lot of different areas it's different forums. Historically, etc. Like for example Texas mongering is all on eccie. This site is a replacemwnt for spa hunters so it's primarily east coast based (philly/nj/NY where spahunters members mostly...
  6. darkwingbuck

    Review: Celine - CA

    You've answered your question yourself. There is no double standard because one side gets paid to do something they might not like, but the other side pays for something they like. No customer wants to pay for something they don't like. The end. Really, ad hominem out of thin air since you've...
  7. darkwingbuck

    Looking for thick/big butt Asian girls any recommendations?

    Girls with big asses: Luna/Yuki GFEI Lucky SA (she has enhanced butt but still quite good)
  8. darkwingbuck

    Don't really care for BJs

    The usual suspects will do it to different degree based on your size etc. Yuffie, Kira, Essie. All DT goddesses.
  9. darkwingbuck

    What can I get in LA that I can’t in the Bay Area?

    TER for reviews, usasg for discussion.
  10. darkwingbuck

    Screening Process Doubt

    I think people forgetting one of the more important parts to this. Once org has your info they can leverage it against you. For example, if you wrote a negative review, and they figure out its you, you can get a thinly veiled threat - a "friendly" reminder that they know who you are and that...
  11. darkwingbuck

    411 new girls on SA

    Anyone has 411 on Terri?
  12. darkwingbuck

    How do these Kgirks keep up the pace??

    Most kgirls pre lube too
  13. darkwingbuck

    Vietnamese Milfs

    FS. Old Vietnamese women. No real massage.
  14. darkwingbuck


    I was with you until you ruined a fellow mongers day by giving him blue balls right at the entrance.