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    Review: Alina - ORMCH

    Nice review. Any kissing allowed?
  2. C

    OMRCH - Is Alina fka Stephanie

    Based on photos and description, it seems like they’re the same. All opinions and confirmations welcome.
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    Czech Republic

    Will be in Dubai in a few weeks. Can you elaborate on the scene and options there?
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    Chinatown Massage

    Either Joyce or Helen at 331 Grand?
  5. C

    Yikes…thanks for the intel! Was Zoe nonchalant about everything or somewhat embarrassed by the lack of AC and condition of the apartment/building? Still jonesing for her from the pics but your reconnaissance is a red alert.
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    Review: Delilah all ameerican

    How far east is covergirls new location?
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    Review: Paris - Upscale BR

    Nice review. FIV allowed? imagine general roaming tolerated if you had DATY.
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    Review: Spa 41 - Yuri, Beautiful Mongolian

    Well, wouldn’t offer a FS rate but $100-$120 for nude FBSM.
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    Review: Spa 41 - Yuri, Beautiful Mongolian

    How atypical and disappointing to the provider would a request for just FBSM be at Spa 41?
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    Recommendations Needed

    Greetings, Will be in Philly this week and looking for Center City FBSM/nude HE places with knowledge of vaccination status of the providers. I've read a number of threads but figured I'd ask myself with an angle of covid concern. Thanks!
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    Review: Cover Girls - Victoria

    Surprised to hear that. Thought there were a number of steadfast resisters. Next inquiry soon will be about boosters. Company policy?
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    Review: Cover Girls - Victoria

    Did she happen to mention if she’s vaccinated? Nice review.
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    Review: Margo - ORMCH

    Thanks. Will call tomorrow and ask about vax status for the entire roster.
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    Review: Margo - ORMCH

    Any idea if she’s vaccinated?
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    Review: Vikcy @ ORMCH

    Any idea if she’s vaccinated or the vax status of the rest of the ORMCH roster?