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Recent content by CaptainApplesauce

  1. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Golden Lucy

    No hands above knee
  2. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Hillcrest Heaven Spa - Sue?

    Prob could of had FS for a little more.
  3. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Triple A (Revised Review)

    That place is like an antique shop. Dusty, crusty and used to be busty.
  4. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Hawaii - Linda (Nice surprise)

    The best massage recently was in Waldwick at Thai Foot Massage. Nothing extra but amazing handwork.
  5. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Qing Spa/Waltham

    Title: Review: Qing Spa/Waltham Date: Sep 9, 2023 Phone: 617-952-2580 City: Waltham State: MA Location: 20 Main Street House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60/110 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 55 Physical Description: 5’3, 130 ish, dark hair with nice smell of lilac. Body was a bit...
  6. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Nanuet Spa - Yung

    Best advice...don't park or enter through the front unless you want all of Nanuet to get a peak. :-)
  7. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Gold 4 Hands - Gina and Lisa

    One time I went. Asked for 4 hands and got 2 pops. Double house, double tip, double nip, double dip. Close your eyes and relax.
  8. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: No tricks @ Magic Spa

    Title: Review: No tricks @ Magic Spa Date: Jul 26, 2023 Phone: (973) 386-9898 City: East Hanover State: NJ Location: 460 Ridgedale Ave, East Hanover, NJ 07936 House Fee and Tip (if applicable): $50 (30) $70 (60) Age Estimate: 55.5 Physical Description: Chuby, Good attitude and some big...
  9. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Foot Reflexology

    Been there and she does have very strong hands. As she mounts you she says "no trouble, ok...." and then goes nutso. She's thicker than she was but sweats like a champion gymnast. 9/10
  10. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Bianca's Susan

    Sounds like a winner all around
  11. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Ramsey Stress Reduction Center

    Title: Review: Ramsey Stress Reduction Center Date: Jun 1, 2023 Phone: 201-327-0286 City: Ramsey State: Jersey Location: North Jersey by Chik Fil A Age Estimate: 44 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Athletic, Fit and Firm Private Details: Annie always knows how to work her magic...
  12. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: spray sun organic

    Lol. Thats a lot of escarole for Congers
  13. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: AAA Oakland-Ruby

    this place is a bakery. Lots of rolls and doughnuts.
  14. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Luna Amber Spa

    $2 bill
  15. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Triple A - Ruby

    Bring your own brotection