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Recent content by CaptainApplesauce

  1. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Luna Amber Spa

    $2 bill
  2. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Triple A - Ruby

    Bring your own brotection
  3. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Ramsey Stress Center

    This place still has talent here without any bs.
  4. CaptainApplesauce

    Massage queen

    Stay Away, Thick, Gross and Yuck
  5. CaptainApplesauce


    Her name is DeeDee and your spot on with your review.
  6. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: New Young Asian - Lisa

    Went there last week too, good experience.
  7. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Foot Reflexology - Anna

    MMS massage is amazing!!!
  8. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Foot Reflexology - Anna

    Yes sir. Saw Anna today. Thanks for the tip. She works Monday and Saturday. She’s nice and pleasant and have a good hard massage right to the tights spots. B cups Au natural with a muscular and tight ass. She works out. She wise. Approx:35 1 Bop, everyone knows the rules: Massage:8...
  9. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Triple A - June

    Like Roast beef. It also smells like food in there a lot.
  10. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Daisy Spa has a bunch of flowers

    Title: Review: Daisy Spa has a bunch of flowers Date: May 25, 2021 Phone: Google City: Butler State: NJ Location: 1574 NJ Route 23 Age Estimate: 38 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Petite, 5’1, short sexy dress with hair in a pony tail. Private Details: I walk in around 615ish...
  11. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Jessica @ Triple A

    Be careful of the old switch a roo here. Couple of heavy set mamasaans also there giving eh massages.
  12. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Triple A Spa

    Title: Review: Triple A Spa Date: Nov 28, 2020 Phone: City: Oakland State: NJ Age Estimate: 50’s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Chubby with belly Private Details: Asked for a skinny massage therapist. They brought in Judy who is an older Korean women with a huge belly and...
  13. CaptainApplesauce

    Review: Tripple A Happy

    I was there a few days ago. Chinese woman in her late 30's. Smelled ok but her body was rockin. Rode me for about 10 minutes.