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Recent content by Burlniesbest

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    Who gives the best rimjob and TUMA ?

    What's your recommendation
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    best rimming NNJ

    Whose your favorite for getting your ass tongued
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    Review: Oasis Denville - Nina

    60 but not wrinkly
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    Review: Oasis Denville - Nina

    I just called oasis to see who worked Saturday it was Nina I saw.
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    Review: Oasis Denville - Nina

    Rt 10 west across from acura
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    Review: Eva at Stone 3rd Time

    Title: Review: Eva at Stone 3rd Time Date: Aug 28, 2023 Phone: 347-399-1246 City: Rockawau State: nj Location: Rt 46 east near thai House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60/140 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 35-45 Physical Description: Thin spinner 5ft 2. C man mades. ok butt Private...
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    Review: Oasis Denville - Nina

    Title: Review: Oasis Denville - Nina Date: Sep 9, 2023 Phone: 917-216-2258 City: Denvile State: NJ Location: Rout 10 east House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70/80 Nationality: Chinese Age Estimate: 60 Physical Description: Small, thin A cup Private Details: I have been calling for months...
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    Eva at stone

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    Eva at stone

    anybody see Eva in stone recently ?
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    Review: Stone bodyworks Eva

    Title: Review: Stone bodyworks Eva Date: Jul 3, 2023 Phone: (347) 399-1246 City: Rockaway State: NJ Location: rt 46 next to thai House Fee and Tip (if applicable): 70/130 Age Estimate: 30/40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5ft 2 c cup small waist with nice butt. Pretty face...
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    Review: Sunny makes me smile

    Title: Review: Sunny makes me smile Date: Jun 25, 2023 Phone: 9733473991246 City: Rockaway State: nj Location: 306 rt 46 House Fee and Tip (if applicable): 70/130 Age Estimate: 40's Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: 5'2" slender , nice smile, c cup Private Details: Heard...
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    Review: Dover Acupressure Kimberly

    Anybody know the current lineup at dover accu?
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    Review: Suzie at Swan lake

    Title: Review: Suzie at Swan lake Date: Jun 12, 2023 Phone: 9735219699 City: pinebrook State: nj Location: 6 us 46 House Fee and Tip (if applicable): 70/80 Age Estimate: 45 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: 5 ft a little thick around midsection. 6 face Private Details...
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    Review: Body Treatment LLC-Katie

    Anybody know who works there on Mondays?