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    Review: BSC sandy do not try

    I have seen both Sandy (yet to post the review) and Stephanie. They were both great. You need to provide details on what went wrong.
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    Regarding your BSC visit, it’s 80 for the house fee and 200 for service. Worth every penny btw

    Regarding your BSC visit, it’s 80 for the house fee and 200 for service. Worth every penny btw
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    It’s spam and probably installing a virus on your phone or pc.
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    Review: BSC - Suzy

    IMO, it’s the best place in NNJ.
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    Whats the address or phone number of Carolinas in North Bergen?
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    Review: Euro Divya

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    Review: HNS - Sue

    Title: Review: HNS - Sue Date: Apr 28, 2022 Phone: Google it (HNS Bardonia) City: Bardonia State: NY Location: Near Enterprise Age Estimate: Late 40s - 50s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Tall 5’6”. Short hair. Nice body Private Details: I called for Jay but was told she was...
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    Review: BSC - Paula

    Title: Review: BSC - Paula Date: Apr 6, 2022 Phone: Google City: Belleville State: NJ Location: Near park Age Estimate: 40s Nationality: Latina Physical Description: 5’3”, amazing body and lovely smile Private Details: Every time I visit I can’t help admiring Paula, so I had to pick her during...
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    Aroma in Montclair

    I went years ago and it was nothing to write home about. There are better places in the area.
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    Review: DA - Iris

    I’m holding my ground until Dior gets back. Looks like DA has been on and off the past few weeks.
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    Review: Hillcrest Heaven Spa - Laura

    Title: Review: Hillcrest Heaven Spa - Laura Date: Mar 24, 2022 Phone: (845) 262-1888 City: Spring Valley State: NY Location: Mall Plaza Age Estimate: 50+ Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short a bit chubby and good top Private Details: I was in the area so tried this place out...
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    Review: DA Karina or Katrina

    What does PH stand for?
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    Review: BSC - Vanessa

    Title: Review: BSC - Vanessa Date: Feb 24, 2022 Phone: City: Belleville State: NJ Location: Near park Age Estimate: Late 30s Nationality: Latina Physical Description: Amazing natural tits, 5’3”, nice ass Private Details: I had the time for a visit so called and set up time with Vanessa...
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    Review: Emma / DA

    That sucks. For the DA prices, many of the servicies denied in your review should be mandatory. I’ll wait for Dior to come back before I visit again.
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    Review: New Oriental / Eplaygirls - Mimi

    Title: Review: New Oriental / Eplaygirls - Mimi Date: Mar 3, 2022 Phone: 201-679-5605 City: Edgewater State: NJ Location: Next to sushi place on River Rd Age Estimate: 35-40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Face ok, nice slim body, all natural Private Details: First time at...