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Recent content by BrockLanders

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    Review: Tina South Philly

    If you didn’t say a race in the email, then she would never reply either. If you lie in email and show up, then you would get turned away at door.
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    Review: Tina South Philly

    Kudos on the pullout. I usually leave it in.
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    Review: Independent - “Sexy” Sasha

    To each his own but I’m over the STG girls hosting in shitbag motels somewhere. Do we really think we’re going to find a diamond in the rough here? 99.9% of these reviews are all negative.
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    Review: Magic mouth, Desiree in Pennsauken, NJ

    Again with a broken foot? That was the excuse 4 months ago. Just say it’s not on the menu anymore.
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    Review: Magic mouth, Desiree in Pennsauken, NJ

    Has anyone had FS with her lately? Been seeing her for a year and have asked about it often and always get an excuse. That time of the month. My back hurts. Etc.
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    Review: Tina south philly

    Mutumbo is hung like a horse according to her. No surprise there.
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    White Girl recommendation

    Probably your best bet. You’d be surprised how many of these slobs fuck on the 1st date.
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    Review: Maggie at Massage Paradise, Wildwood

    Was just there with Maggie. Awful session. Guess mileage will vary.
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    Giant breasts for saturday birthday

    Nurse Tammy. Ginormous rack in Bellmawr
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    Anyone know a good provider supper close to cherry hill

    Magicmouth is close to cherry hill
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    Mz Italiana

    Thought monkey meant the pox
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    Any experience with this chic?

    Saw her today. Like a Chinese tailor. So-so.
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    Is Mt Laurel Safe

    Early 2000s. Nabbed me walking out of a motel not even there anymore. Left, pulled out and that’s when i notice 2 unmarked cars pull out behind me and follow me for about 5 mins before pulling me over. They were casing the room all day and grabbing everyone that walked out the door. Took me in...
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    Is Mt Laurel Safe

    Only ever got busted once and it was in Mt Laurel but that was long ago. Ultimately walked due to me not caving and admitting it but still had to go through arrest, fingerprinting, etc. hire a lawyer. Haven’t been back since.
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    Jersey Shore Solid Massage and HE

    Love me some Janet.