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Recent content by bobbean75

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    k-agency guide for LA

    Also Keiko Agency
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    Review: Erica @ Gen Massage

    Title: Review: Erica @ Gen Massage Date: Mar 12, 2020 Phone: 559-579-9509 City: Fresno State: CA Location: Near the end of Shields by the airport Age Estimate: 30-35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Thin and smooth Private Details: I had been working all this month and I was in...
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    Review: Lala @ Keiko

    Title: Review: Lala @ Keiko Date: Jan 24, 2020 Phone: 3234565921 City: Los Angeles State: CA Location: DTLA Age Estimate: 25 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Short and thin Private Details: After texting the number above, I got verified fairly quickly. Set up the appointment...
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    Review: Latina MP in Torrance

    Jesus, man! It seems that could have gone south at any moment. Stay safe out there!
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    Review: Healing Hands Massage

    Title: Review: Healing Hands Massage Date: Mar 22, 2019 Phone: 559-690-9047 City: Fresno State: CA Location: On Chestnut Age Estimate: 35-40 Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Average Private Details: I walked in and got a suspicious look from the mamasan. I smiled and said...