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Recent content by Bigboy!

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    Review: Lizhi Health Spa

    I agree with geekdmb… I have always left this place with a smiling ear to ear… I usually get a attractive woman in her late forties
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    Review: Asian Massage- Wendy

    If you call and ask for Kerri she sometimes makes herself available if you are considering a good (tip) customer… she always gives the best massage and takes extra care when finishing the job… ymmv
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    Board of health

    This was just normal inspection… no big deal… this type of inspection occurs once a year at every spa to maintain their license
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    Review: Lucky Orchid -Tracy

    LOL… there is no Tracy… there is no 5’ 5” girls at this location… none of theses girls are 30 years old…
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    Review: Lizhi

    No HE?
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    Review: Lizhi Health Spa

    Oops… I mean OTC
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    Review: Lizhi Health Spa

    Who did you see at Lizhi for HE? My friend said Lilly is pretty woman… nice HE with some UTC … Do you have any recommendations at Lizhi