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Recent content by Bellissimo

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    Review: Ceroni - Macaroni-and-Cheese

    Hear, hear! Hoping GFE will make a return.
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    Review: Juicy @ GFEI

    I didn't mention whether I went bare or covered in my review. Since I avoided daty it would make sense to infer I had cfs. Not sure why you assumed otherwise. $100 premium for bareback not worth my money or extra health risk.
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    Review: Juicy @ GFEI

    Coco is back as Juicy? Odd as Coco had good reviews and Coco wasn't gone long. Give donation at the start to indicate your service (risk) level request.
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    Review: Juicy @ GFEI

    Title: Review: Juicy @ GFEI Date: Sep 19, 2022 Phone: 650-477-5015 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: Off 101 Age Estimate: 27 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Natural and juicy Private Details: Positive feedbacks on GFEI website so took the plunge. F7.5 (lips 10) B8 S8 A10...
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    411- Luna @GFEI

    Face looks familiar. Anyone know another name for her or can share an experience?
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    Review: Top K Girls - Apple

    Apple is great! $280 fee. She loves daty as well. Fortunately I was twice able to book her first appointment.
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    Anyone tried Apple @ topk ?

    Just finished a stint at GFEI in SM. See my review. I recommend and saw her twice.
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    Review: GFEI Lovely - Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Lovely is gone for now. Lovely is all natural!!! Lovely has prettier face with loads less makeup. Allison could take bigger cocks. From my experience, Allison would get more passionate, perhaps because she didn't concern herself about limiting cock depth.
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    Review: Hummingbird day spa - Bella

    Bella on Tuesdays is Ivy at CMT in Mountain View. She used to work Sat. at Hbird, but I believe she's only 3 days now at Hbird.
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    Review: Review: Aria - Asian Angels

    Thanks for posting!
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    Review: Starlight Spa

    Angel. He said "she somehow ended up in front of me"
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    which RA ok to have the room lit up?

    GFEI girls Lovely and Apple. Ceroni. They're younger than most RAs.
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    Review: GFEI---Apple

    It was subtle, but important disclosure for fellow mongers. Not so strong to prevent me from seeing her again, but hope she gives it up.
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    Review: GFEI---Apple

    Title: Review: GFEI---Apple Date: Sep 4, 2022 Phone: 650-477-5015 City: San Mateo State: CA Location: Off 101 Age Estimate: 26 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Tiny, natural Private Details: 2+ days in. I'm the first to review her here. Odd... Can't compare her with the young...
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    Review: Zuri BJ queen

    When you say DT, how many inches do you think she can take? Tia